Be Still and Know

It wasn’t that long ago that scientists were able to have breakthroughs in the study of the brain. More and more data was being collected and understanding was derived about how the brain functions.

As it turned out, there were two camps that had been around for a long time– two schools of thought. One was that human beings experience reality through their senses. Those in that camp were considered “realists.” In other words, “What you see (through your senses) is what’s really out there.”

But, the more the brain was studied, another group of scientists held sway, and they were called “creationists” meaning that the human body’s design with nerves that can only be firing on or off, left humans with no way to know reality.

It wasn’t that reality didn’t exist. It was just there was no way to know it with a human body and a human brain. The best we could do was to take these neural firings and interpret them.

We became the meaning givers. And that’s the best we could do.

They left open the possibility that reality does exist. It’s just that with a human body, we could never know it. So, maybe it existed, maybe it didn’t.

And, as such, people became more and more comfortable navigating their way through life, realizing that they had the power to give meaning to whatever they wished.

So, you could take the same exact circumstances and have one person be elated and have another person be fearful and depressed. And yet, it was the same circumstance. They would even agree that they were seeing the same thing but were interpreting it differently.

We are now at a place where it is possible to go beyond the notion of “We are seeing reality with our senses” and even go beyond the notion that “We are the meaning givers.”

There is a reality– but it cannot be perceived. It can only be known. And that reality is love itself.

You could say, “Love is this feeling,” or “Love is this stimulation to the brain,” or “Love is when this emotion is felt.” But again, that would be on the level of interpreting something from the body and the brain.

In the same way, there really is meaning. But, it’s something that only can be known. It can’t be discovered or taught. It can’t be perceived. It can only be known.

And right now, there is a wonderful opportunity for people to know reality, to know themselves in a way that was maybe never even thought of before– to know love, to know peace.

But, it has to go beyond the conceptual, beyond the ideational. It has to be known with your heart. And, not your physical heart– even though that’s a very vital organ.

The way you know is to, number one, release yourself from being the meaning giver, the person who’s so sure that things are this way or that way.

It requires that you let go of the certainty it seems to give you, the security, and open to the possibility that something could be revealed to you (rather than invented by you or conceived by you)– moment to moment.

You can know reality. You can know meaning. It’s done with your heart and the openness of a child– to have realizations dawn on you that are not derived from your past. And they’re not derived from your spiritual concepts.

There is a way of knowing. Ask yourself this, “How do I know someone else’s heart? How do I know that, beyond appearances, they are goodness itself?”

All of you have had that experience. It’s much easier with babies and young children to know their goodness. It goes beyond your physical senses. It’s a knowing that you can trust. How do people know how to love? It’s not just what you were taught.

It helps to be very still and very observant, releasing the idea that your judgments are correct. It’s actually quite gratifying to realize that not only were you wrong, but maybe you don’t know what right and wrong are—not from that place.

But, you can know love, and you can know meaning, and you can see beyond your eyes, and you can hear beyond your ears, and you can have wisdom beyond your thoughts and beyond your past learning.

All of this is available to you more so now than ever. If you’re open to it and if you’re willing to be still, what you will find is that you will become younger and younger. You will have the wonder of a child, the rapture of presence.

And, in that presence, you will know who you’re looking at. You will know who you are. You will know what to do.

You will know love because that is who you are. And that’s who everyone is.

And, that will become more and more apparent as you be open to this.

Just allow yourself to know. You already know.

Be still and know reality.

With assistance of the one we know as Yeshua (aka Jesus), my collaborators who do not have a space suit like mine, and Dr Jim from my international ACIM group. 

Thank you for reading these words of love and for walking this journey of remembering with me as we gather together to bring Light/Love to our beloved planet known as Gaia, Mother Earth, at this time of great change. To all my lightworkersgathering out there, shine your light by simply remembering the Light that you truly are.


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