Blessings to All on This Journey of Peace

This is from a group of Ascended Masters who call themselves Thymus. We love a name attached to energy or frequencies – names for many of us make it a bit more personal. 

“You are showing up for others there on Earth in so many ways, and we, who are in the higher realms, appreciate each and every one of you and your efforts. We would like to emphasize the significance of you being there at this time, because you could be in so many other places all across the universe, but you chose to go to Earth to have experiences there, because you saw the opportunities that were so huge for your transformation and spiritual evolution.

It is the perfect time for you to take some of that transformation. It is available to you at all times, and all you need to do is let go of control over your lives. Let go of the need that you can have at times to orchestrate everything and to make everything the way you think it should be.

And in that letting go, you will let in more of your personal transformation, and then you will see more of the world outside of you transforming to meet you where you now are. 

That means letting everyone else be exactly where they are and accepting that everyone is exactly where they need to be on their journey at this time. 

You don’t need to orchestrate anyone else’s journey, and you can let everyone be in what you might consider a self-created delusion.

That’s okay, because they are still in some way benefitting from being right where they are, and this is how you let go of the divisiveness, and you move past this idea of separation that you have going there on Earth at this time. 

You can transcend the us-versus-them mentality in your own mind, and you can allow everyone to be where they are and everything to be as it is, so that you can transform yourself into the master who is capable of helping those who are ready to be helped.

There will always be those who are your perfect students, those who are ready for exactly what you have to teach them, and they can show up at your doorstep when you let go of any ideas you have of where you should be as a master, as a teacher, and as a leader in the evolution of consciousness. 

Let things unfold, and be patient. Take your time and trust that everything is in perfect order as it is on Earth and throughout the entire galaxy and universe. Be at one with the moment you are in, and feel yourself transforming in that moment. You are ready, and now is the time. 

There has never been a better time to transform while living on planet Earth. And you always knew that you would be awake for this process. You always knew that you would be one of the ones on the leading edge to assist the rest of humankind in making this enormous leap forward in your spiritual evolution.

It may seem like it all has to be more complicated than what we just laid out for you, but we promise you it doesn’t have to be, and it isn’t. Just let go, surrender, and you will transform and show others the way that you have discovered to the inner peace, the inner sanctum, the realm within you that contains everything and all vibrations. 

That is all for now. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters, and we are always amongst you.”

Thank you, Daniel. You are an amazing soul-brother, and I love our connection and remembering that we are all ONE.


  • Sandra Bradley

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