Rise Above the Battleground

This is from the one we know as the Avatar Joshua Emmanuel, aka Jesus, Jeshua ben Joseph, et al. Channeled and shared by my collaborator Laurent Philippe 

“When you elevate above the battleground, you soon realize that this world is but an illusory playground where egos fight to survive and take all they can from their neighbors, to appear rich and famous, successful and sharp, owning the biggest house, the biggest truck or the biggest boat.

They forgot that this world is but an illusion. They forgot that giving and receiving are One in truth. They forgot who they are and do not know what they do.

Unconsciously, the ego has convinced them that their survival, their life, even their ability to survive death is linked to their accumulation of physical goods. So they run 24/7 to make more money in the hope that their wealth will buy them an eternal existence. 

What they do not understand is that this life is just about love. It is the only Truth. All the rest is a construction the natural man has created to prove to himself that he can survive separated from Love. In Truth, He cannot since Love is what He is.

You are made of Love, from Love for Love. And what you truly are is a spiritual being having a temporary experience in a physical world. You will survive death. In fact death is just a transition back to your true nature. And when you do, you will discover that everything you thought you were was just a construct you unconsciously created in fear.

Christ Vision is seeing through that artificial construct to the true nature of your eternal being. What Christ Vision sees is the eternal Soul that you are beyond the physical. And as It sees you in the light and the Truth, you can finally recognize your true Self as well and love it for who and what it is.

You finally understand that sins were the result of your lack of love for yourself; they were the product of a distorted mind, conditioned in fear, away from love, having forgotten who you truly were. You understand that all the suffering is but the consequence of the belief in death. You understand that this whole experience was just a tool to learn about yourself and forgive what truly never happened, since it was a play.

Now you can say, “How can I forgive what this One has done to me?” When you see that “This one” and you are One; that you decided, prior to your incarnation, to live that experience together; that you decided in full awareness that He would play the bad guy this time and you would play the victim, that you would learn from it knowing that it will not affect your eternal soul which remains in the realm of Love during your earthly experience, but that you will learn to forgive and love despite the appearance of evil, you can then see what Christ Vision sees, and forgive as He does.

The Atonement is a correction in perception, not a compensation for sins through blood and sacrifice. This misunderstanding has lasted long enough. It needs to stop. Men have mistaken my words and interpreted them wrongly.

Yes, I desired all animal sacrifices to stop. Yes I taught that this bloody practice was evil-doing, and yes, I said I would offer my blood instead of seeing these innocent animals being slaughtered by these supposedly priests of God.

But it was not to wash your sins clean but to teach you to see with my vision, beyond the physical, and know that this world was but the demonstration of your desire for separation, but that this desire was just a mad idea since you are One with God.

How could you truly separate yourself from Him, who is your Creator, the spark of life in you, the Mind that thinks with you, and the Love that keeps you alive?

Separation cannot be! And sins neither,  in the realm of Love.

The Atonement corrects your perception of yourself. Where you saw yourself guilty and ashamed, you are now understanding that you are still the Son of God but you misled yourself in believing you were separated from Him.

Where you saw yourself unworthy and imperfect, Christ Vision sees you worthy and perfect as you were created, by the perfect Father.

The Atonement frees you from the weight of sins because sins could only exist in the realm of the physical, of separation and death, which is illusory.

I am that One you know as Jesus and I am glad to share this lesson again with you, for this must be understood before complete liberation happens on the Earth.”

Thank you for reading these words of love.


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