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Showtime at Act2PV: January 19-26

Fabulous Friday, January 19
5:00 – (ONE NIGHT ONLY!) Skyfall/James Bond – a brand new cabaret featuring the music of James Bond, where the songs are as timeless as the spy himself. Presented by award-winning Tonny Kenneth
7:00 – (ONE NIGHT ONLY) Fernan Drag: Around the World – Fernan Drag is the first drag opera singer in Puerto Vallarta. She fuses the best operatic arias with classic jazz, resulting in a fascinating journey through musical history!
9:30 – It’s Raining Men – a male dance revue featuring the hunkiest guys in Puerto Vallarta, with the sexy Bigi World returning as “Mistress of Ceremonies.”

Sexy Saturday, January 20
5:00 – Supreme – a celebration of the girl groups from the 1950s and beyond, including MOTOWN and the Supremes
9:00 – The Rocky Horror Show, the full Broadway Musical
9:30 – MashItUp – Nic Rogers presents some highly energetic and pulsating mashups from
many divas such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, Pink, etc.

Sultry Sunday, January 21
5:00 – The Barrys – A celebration of the music of Barry White and Barry Manilow, featuring Keith Tynes
5:30 – Vacaré, a spectacular journey of self-discovery, featuring dance, circus and theater! 8:00 – (ONE NIGHT ONLY!) Guitar Heroes – Joakin Guitar plays the music of the greatest guitarists in the world!

Marvelous Monday, January 22
5:00 – A Night of Jazz – Jazz music, featuring Delilah Beaucoup and her jazz ensemble
5:00 – Best of Broadway – an incredible musical extravaganza featuring music from more
than 35 Broadway shows, starring 7 of the best entertainers in Vallarta!
7:30 – Memories, featuring 2023 Karaoke World Gold Medalist, Luis Villanueva
9:00 – Divas – a musical/dance extravaganza featuring the music of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Selena, Madonna and many more!

Terrific Tuesday, January 23
5:00 – The Availables Performing the Beatles – an exciting 4-piece band featuring the
music of The Beatles
6:00 – Mamma Mia! The Broadway Musical – returns by popular demand for its 5 th
exciting year!
7:30 – XTC: A Journey to Ecstasy, an out-of-this world drag show, featuring live singing, dancing, pole dancing, and much more – starring Stevie Hart (Steven Retchless) a finalist in America’s Got Talent and International Pole Dance champion
10:00 – Amanda Reckonwith – drag, comedy and live singing featuring Broadway star, David Sabella

Wonderful Wednesday, January 24
5:00 – Circoncierto – a cabaret circus show featuring incredible music, masterful mime and marvelous marvels!
5:30 – Unforgettable Melodies – a wonderful celebration of the big band sounds of the beloved American Standards, featuring Luis Villanueva, Alberto Ponce and Alfredo Mendoza
7:30 – Ladies of Rock 2.0 – a celebration of the ladies who made rock famous, featuring Noemi Plascencia, and a live band
9:00 – ROCKY HORROR SHOW – the full Broadway Musical (NOW, ON WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS!)

Thankful Thursday, January 25
7:30 – Linda Ronstadt – a tribute to the Queen of Pop, Linda Ronstadt, featuring Brenda
Gavino and her live band
9:00 – Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia – a tribute to pop star, Dua Lipa, featuring Gabriela Heart
10:00 – Amanda Reckonwith – drag, comedy and live singing featuring Broadway star David Sabella

Fabulous Friday, January 26
4:00 – David Duval on the Piano in the Melody Bar
5:30 – Bruno Mars Tribute – featuring Victor do Espirito, star of Rocky Horror and Best of Broadway, brings his high-energy, feel-good Bruno Mars show to the Act2PV stage!
5:30 – Three Chords & the Truth – a one woman country-comedy-cabaret show, featuring Bobbi Goddard
7:30 – Follies Goes Hollywood – A musical/dance extravaganza featuring David Sabella, Cate Valcic, Hal Bonta, and the Vallarta Follies
9:00 – (OPENING NIGHT!) The NEW Cher Show – a brand-new tribute to the legendary Cher, featuring singer/dancer, Indra, along with backup singers and dancers 9:30 – It’s Raining Men – a male dance revue featuring the hunkiest guys in Puerto Vallarta, with the sexy Bigi World returning as “Mistress of Ceremonies.”

For more information about all of our shows, or to buy tickets, check out the Act2PV website at or go to the box office, now open from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm daily.

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    As the largest entertainment venue in the Banderas Bay, Act2PV brings you the BEST OF THE BEST entertainment for the 2023/2024 Season! With multiple shows every evening, in three different theaters, there is something for everyone. Act2PV features Broadway musicals, stage plays and concerts, as well as internationally-renowned musicians, cabaret theater, and top-quality drag shows!


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