Calmness Begins as the Heat Rises

Recap: Good Morning, From Here
March 30 – April 05, 2024

Happy April Fool’s Day to all your foreigners out there. Mexico has its version, but not in April.

As you may know, Vallarta Mirror is creating a calendar of events for Puerto Vallarta. Yes, you can add your own! Just follow the instructions here.

For now, it’s free, so get going!

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It is always an event when Mr Lady Zen comes to town. I don’t think I have missed a single concert, and I remember being mesmerized by her even-toned, story-telling voice on her first visit to Incanto years ago as she talked about her life that began in Brazil. Zen’s stories interweave her vocals like fine threads that take something small – a left earring, for example, and spin a tale in minutes that will leave you breathless and wanting more backstory, but then it’s time to sing. AlZENira’s classically trained mezzo-soprano can belt, purr, outrage, and soothe in a single song. Be sure to see Mr. Lady Zen and the Royal Court Band’s last show tomorrow at 8 pm at the Palm Cabaret.

I hope the Easter Bunny was good to all of you. Have a great week. Besides Lady Zen, we have a new theatre opening tonight (full report with coffee tomorrow), a Scrabble Tourney on Wednesday, and a First Saturday Fiesta at the Arte Vallarta Museo. So giddyap, people, and enjoy From Here.

History was made last night at Arte Vallarta up from the Swedes. The tiny theater that had sat empty for years was reborn with a resounding Hallelujah.

The Moonlight Theatre’s premiere opened with Patriz, daughter of Moonlight’s Director/Producer Selena Luna, who sang a few bluesy songs to get the crowd into the mood for Diana Villamonte.

Colectivo Hueco, the genius team behind productions at The Palm Cabaret, got back to basics and made everything work with a single mike, table lamps, and a cell phone.

Diana was in fine form, beautiful in black with twinkly rhinestones around her neck; her voice was superb. She seemed perfectly at home, which was precisely the vibe in the entire room.

The stage/set is funky, busy, and splendid in its ordered chaos. Perfect for improv, teaching, and enjoying an intimate evening with friends, which, of course, we all were.

Thanks to Lupe Patterson for providing champagne, for Nathalie Herling’s broad view of making impossible things doable, and to Selena Luna, who has found her niche at last, at the top of the Olas Altas hill. Bravos all around.

I watched Barbie last night! There was far more to the film than I anticipated. My neighbors, musician David Duvall and his wife Penny invited me to their house to watch the movie, enjoy some devilled eggs, and eat extraordinary smoked gouda cheese.

Watching this film was like peeling an onion – albeit a bright pink one. Every layer revealed a monumental human condition with a probable doll-like answer. I loved that Mattel produced the film and spent the whole time poking fun at itself.

I was never a Barbie Doll aficionado; I was too old to care about such things when she was invented, but I do recall younger classmates oohing and aahing about the latest new clothes or accessories as they came on the market.

It’s a fun movie, at times hilarious, and most certainly worth watching. I thank David and Penny for their gracious invitation and delish nibblies.

Scrabble Tournament today at Qulture at 1 pm and Bingo for Colina Spay & Neuter Clinic at Nacho Daddy at 4. I am feeling incredibly lucky From Here!

Bingo was canceled yesterday so the volunteers who have been going nonstop could take a well-deserved break. Play will return in two weeks; I’ll remind you in good time!

Scrabble, on the other hand, SHOULD have been canceled as well, as far as I’m concerned, but let’s just say my loss was Sharon Gerber Scherer’s gain. She gets so happy when she wins; the two fatal errors I committed made her day! Congratulations, my Quine, er, sorry, Queen!

Lunch today at a new place for me; Birthday hugs go out to Kevin Anthony (to be delivered this evening!), and a private shindig after that. A full report in the morning with coffee, and get some pics to me – Foto Friday tomorrow, From Here.

Good day to everybody. I climbed out of my comfort zone yesterday and traveled far, far away to Versalles to a little place called Vagabundas. I met Dean Regehr there for a long overdue conversation and a delicious Asian vegetarian lunch. We discussed Puerto Magico, which Dean built and opened a few weeks before COVID-19 struck. That was the last time we had spent measurable time in conversation. It was wonderful to see him looking so well after a year of calamitous health issues; Dean is the poster child of positivity. Many good things are coming to Puerto Magico; I will have more information on Grand Openings at that gorgeous cruise ship terminal next week, so stay tuned.

Singer/Realtor Kevin Anthony turned 62 yesterday and threw a party at La Catrina Cantina to celebrate that and his last show of the season at La CC. We danced, we drank, we intoned, “Let the Goose do what it do!” There is no need to explain that if you have ever heard Kevin in concert! The packed house was a testament to Kevin’s impact on our community in such a short period of time. He is so beloved by everyone – the man personifies kindness. He is my dear friend.

With no time to waste, Rob Burton, Jan Dorland and I bid farewell to La CC and made our way over to Garbos for apres-wedding congratulations. Jamie and Josh of PVRPV were remarried yesterday at Oscar’s on the Isla with family present. The two Canadians have been married since 2012, but because they live in Mexico now, they found it prudent to remarry in this country. And have another wedding party! We’re glad they took the plunge again and enjoyed drinks with Mark Hartman on piano, serenading the crowd. Lots and lots of luminaries, including Derek Carkner, Lisa Manoogian, the Lymans, Angelo Sannasardo, Mikel Alvarez, David Sabella, Cate Valcic, Meghan Murphy, Sutton Lee Seymour, Tim Longpre, and Augustin Rocha, were on hand to wish the newlyweds luck and happiness.

It’s Friday (of course it is!). What is everyone up to tonight? If it’s Friday, the Rearview Mirror will be delivered to your inbox. To read more Vallarta Mirror, click on the link to the right of Editor. That’s me, From Here!


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