Chi Chi & Jo Anna – Dueling Drag Divas

The Dueling Drag Divas, starring Emmy Award Winner Chi Chi Rones and Jo Anna, a NY Times-acclaimed impressionist, returned to Puerto Vallarta and performed their All-New Show at The Palm Cabaret on February 9, 16 & 23. This dynamic drag duo loves performing in the town where they teamed up more than 10 years ago to create their campy comedy act. 

Bringing their all-live, singing, comedic, celebrity, and impression show back to The Palm, the Dueling Divas went head-to-head in an epic vocal clash of the icons! Cher versus Madonna. Mrs. Doubtfire, Jennifer Coolidge, Eartha Kitt, and Bette Davis took on Britney Spears. Shirley Bassey threw down against Dolly Parton. Judy Garland even made an appearance.

And no “Dueling Drag Divas” show would be complete without their legendary Drunk Diva Round featuring Liza Minnelli! We were left in stitches as the divas not only slayed their vocals but wise-cracked their way into our hearts with their razor-sharp wit. And as always, the audience became part of the show! This hilarious onstage contest had us roaring with laughter from start to finish!

I caught the show on closing night show and loved it! These two zany Queens were as goofy, fun, and talented as ever. Jo Anna is celebrating 18 years of shows in Vallarta and Chi Chi just a few years less. Around 10 years ago, on a whim, they teamed up to do a few shows together in Puerto Vallarta and instantly became a smash hit and audience favorite!

Chi Chi and Jo Anna sing LIVE with their voices (no lip-syncing) and have soaring ranges. Their infamous and uncanny celebrity impersonations always leave audience members rolling in the aisles. Their show features fantastic parodies of everything from pop to rock to jazz standards.

The show is set up as a few rounds of competition between Chi Chi and Jo Anna. A selected audience member determines which Diva gets the most applause after each round. Chi Chi was crowned winner of the night’s competition and winner of their three-show Puerto Vallarta run.

Chi Chi, has toured extensively throughout the USA and around the globe. Jo Anna started in NYC, winning numerous awards, including ‘Best Patsy Cline Singer’ at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. The New York Times hails her as ‘One of the Best.’ In addition to Puerto Vallarta, The Dueling Drag will return to Maine for another 8-month summer/fall residence at Mainestreet in Ogunquit. On their way to Maine, they will also perform in Palm Springs.

This year’s Dueling Drag Divas show was full of music, surprises, and laughter. Always fresh and current, the Divas continue bringing new material to their performances each season, keeping their Vallarta fans in stitches and returning for more!

What started on a whim has become an incredibly popular show with sold-out performances worldwide. The Dueling Drag Divas will return to The Palm Cabaret again next February with fabulous singing, comedy, parodies, and costumes. Totally unique and entertaining; this is definitely a fun show to see!


  • Debbie White

    Debbie has written promo and review articles for over ten years for many Puerto Vallarta shows. Originally from Maine, she has lived in California for over 30 years and has made Riveria Nayarit her part-time home for over 20 years. Debbie loves her retirement hobby, writing and promoting the fabulous entertainment scene in Vallarta.


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