Cruz Sunu: A Guatemalan Maestro in Vallarta

Nestled in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Guatemala is an artist whose work transcends boundaries, blending tradition with innovation and capturing the essence of the nation’s rich heritage.

Pedro Arnold Cruz Sunu, an accomplished painter, has carved a niche through his distinctive artistic style and unwavering commitment to preserving and celebrating Guatemala’s cultural diversity.

On February 29 and March 1, we proudly hosted Pedro’s first art show and sale in Puerto Vallarta. Over 200 people attended this event and purchased spectacular art for their homes in Mexico.

Pedro Arnold Cruz Sunu, born in Solola, Guatemala, and part of the Tzutujil Mayan ethnic group, spent his early years steeped in the colorful traditions of his country, where art, folklore, and spirituality intertwine.

Raised in a family with a deep appreciation for local customs, the vibrant markets, traditional ceremonies, and ancient Mayan symbolism surrounding him shaped Pedro’s artistic sensibilities.

His family, recognizing his talent from a young age, encouraged his creative pursuits.

Pedro Arnold Cruz Sunu began honing his skills through informal apprenticeships with local artists and exploring diverse mediums, from traditional painting to sculpture. His early exposure to indigenous artistic techniques laid the foundation for the unique fusion of contemporary and traditional elements that define his work.

Pedro Arnold Cruz Sunu’s art celebrates Guatemala’s diverse cultural tapestry, seamlessly weaving together elements from the country’s indigenous roots with a contemporary flair.

His palette reflects the vivid hues of traditional Mayan textiles, and his compositions often incorporate symbols and motifs inspired by ancient Mayan art.

One notable aspect of his work is the emphasis on storytelling. Each piece by Pedro Arnold Cruz Sunu unfolds like a narrative, inviting viewers to delve into Guatemala’s rich history and folklore.

His paintings, murals, and sculptures often depict scenes from daily life, traditional ceremonies, and the natural beauty of the Guatemalan landscape.

Pedro Arnold Cruz Sunu’s artistic prowess has not gone unnoticed. His work has graced numerous exhibitions in Guatemala and internationally, earning him acclaim for bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.

Galleries in major art hubs and cultural institutions have recognized the significance of his contributions to contemporary Guatemalan art.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Pedro Arnold Cruz Sunu is deeply committed to preserving Guatemala’s cultural heritage. He actively engages in community projects, collaborating with local artisans and participating in initiatives safeguarding traditional art forms.

His work extends beyond the canvas as he advocates for continuing indigenous practices and empowering local artists.

In the heart of Guatemala’s artistic landscape, Pedro Arnold Cruz Sunu stands as a testament to the power of art to transcend time and bridge cultures.

For those interested in seeing Pedro’s art, we will continue showing some of his pieces until the middle of March 2024. Pedro also does custom work, so we are happy to connect you if you want to purchase or commission a piece.

You can view Pedro’s spectacular artwork at SOLutions Mexico, 363A Constitucion in the Romantic Zone. Our store is just off Basilio Badillo (where the buses are). You can contact us through our website,, or text us by WhatsApp at +52 322 136 5156.


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