Designing a Serene Condo in Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, situated on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, beckons with its breathtaking beaches and vibrant culture, making it an ideal canvas for creating a coastal-themed condo.

Whether you are here as a resident, a snowbird, or an investor with a rental condo, you can transform your condo into a tranquil haven inspired by the sea.

The correct color scheme is crucial when embarking on a coastal design journey. I love Sherwin Williams’ Beachcomber Collection. This collection of colors is inspired by the serene beauty of coastal landscapes, featuring a harmonious blend of earthy tones and soothing hues that mimic the colors of sand, sea, and sky.

The key colors from the Beachcomber Collection include Drift of Mist (SW 9166), Sandbank (SW 6052), Blue Sky (SW 0063) and Sand (SW 9085). Drift of Mist is a gentle, misty gray reminiscent of morning fog rolling in from the ocean.

Sandbank is a warm beige that captures the essence of sun-kissed sand. Blue Sky is a soft, green/blue shade that reflects a light color sky. Touch of Sand is a delicate, neutral tone that complements the collection, providing a versatile base.

I recommend using Drift of Mist for the walls to create a neutral backdrop, allowing other
elements to stand out. Accentuate your condo’s architectural features with Blue Sky for a touch of coastal charm. Bring in Sandbank with your furniture pieces to evoke the warmth of the beach, while Touch of Sand can be applied to décor items to tie the look together seamlessly.

Selecting the right furniture and materials is essential for achieving an authentic coastal theme.

Choose light and airy materials like wicker, rattan, and reclaimed wood to create a relaxed
ambiance. A comfortable and long-lasting Palliser sofa or sectional in a soft, beach-inspired
color, such as Sandbank, can anchor the living space while maintaining the coastal aesthetic.

Select a Palliser sofa or sectional with clean lines, light-colored wood feet, and a more
contemporary design to achieve the laid-back coastal decor vibe.

Tables and lampshades made with wicker or rattan will bring your space a natural and breezy feel. These materials are lightweight and perfect for creating an airy atmosphere. Items made with reclaimed wood, especially if it is a light grey, sand-washed color, will add a touch of rustic, natural charm. Reclaimed wood adds character and a connection to coastal landscapes.

For a seamless and stress-free experience in creating your coastal-themed condo in Puerto
Vallarta, we now offer a turnkey furniture package based on your budget range with curated furniture and decor items from our extensive manufacturer and supplier network.

No more waiting for multiple companies to deliver all your items. With a turnkey furniture
package, all your items are delivered in one efficient shipment, saving you time and hassle. Our dedicated delivery team unpacks, assembles, and places your furniture, leaving you with a fully furnished coastal-themed haven. We even go the extra mile by removing all packing materials!

If your décor preference for your Puerto Vallarta condo is to make it a coastal paradise, you will not go wrong with Sherwin Williams’ new color palette and the coastal furniture package from SOLutions Mexico.

Easily furnish your home in Vallarta. Visit us at our Puerto Vallarta store at 363A Constitucion or Bucerias store at Heroes de Nacozari 126. If you are not currently in Mexico, email us at or text us on Whatsapp at +52 322 136 5156. And remember, you can always reach us through our website:

(Images credit: Sherwin Williams)


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