Gaga Over Maru

Maru Prado Conti’s Lady Gaga tribute show, ‘Born This Way,’ is an electrifying fusion of talent, passion, and sheer artistry. This edgy show that runs every Saturday at 9:30 pm at The Palm Cabaret is like attending a mini-concert.

Maru channels the iconic Lady Gaga as she captivates the audience with her voice, energy, and mesmerizing moves.

Originally from Argentina, Maru brought her triple-threat talents to Puerto Vallarta when she made it her home four years ago.

As the Director of TEB (Tu Experiencia Broadway), her love for the stage and musical theatre is a testament to her passion and dedication. Before embodying Lady Gaga, she left her mark on the world of musical theatre, showcasing her artistry and performance skills. Maru’s performance journey began at a young age studying musical composition. This strong foundation in musical theory undoubtedly contributes to the nuance she brings to her performances.

The ‘Born This Way’ show takes audiences on a journey through Gaga’s songbook and fashion sense, with Maru’s captivating portrayal and the incredible backing vocals of Chris Lopez.

Chris, known as a creative and fabulous producer, showcases his golden voice in this tribute, highlighting just one of his strengths.

Choreographed by Alex Moran, Maru’s moves and The Star Boys dancers deliver a whirlwind of dance, where Maru’s dynamism whips the crowd into a frenzy.

Beyond The Palm stage, Maru’s dedication shines through in her second year as a mentor for the RISE Children’s Center’s talent contest. ‘So, You Think You Can Rise’ is kicking off its third season on January 14.

Maru’s protege Patriz finished in third place last year.

And in a full-circle moment, for the last Gaga show of 2023, Maru invited Patriz to perform the song ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ with herself and Chris Lopez. The trio’s blended voices brought the house down.

The show’s ambiance owes much to Tirso Garcia Plata and Lucero Zamora, who lend their expertise in lights and sound. The tech aspects of the show enrich the mini-concert tribute, giving us a full-on sensory experience.

‘Born This Way’ at The Palm Cabaret is an explosion of talent and passion, fueled by Maru’s uncanny channeling of Lady Gaga’s spirit that will leave you spellbound.


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