Lorena Peril is Back!

Lorena Peril, the Headliner of one of Vegas’ most successful shows, is a charming, sweet, and sometimes naughty performer who took a sabbatical year away from ‘Sin City’ in 2015 and presented her show, Married and Looking at ACT2PV. Audiences absolutely loved Lorena and her show, and soon, she was Vallarta’s new musical star!

Lorena Peril returns to Act2PV in February with her new show, From Housekeeper to Headliner, on February 12, 16 & 17 at 7:30 pm.

Lorena had made it to the top as a Vegas entertainer. She was looking to take a little break from Vegas when she was offered a chance to present an original show at The Red Room at Act2PV. Turning down a lucrative job in Las Vegas, Lorena Peril joined the Vallarta entertainment scene for a season, and returned for several years with guest appearances.

Lorena is thrilled to return to the Casa Karma Red Room with her highly praised new show, From Housekeeper to Headliner, a musical adaptation of her amazing Las Vegas success story.

You’ll hear about Lorena’s 4 years as a housekeeper in San Francisco and her eventual headlining of a major Las Vegas show! In her dream-come-true story, Peril’s co-worker, an aspiring professional guitarist, suggested the two perform small gigs around town. The Perilous Partners was launched. 

Lorena later went on a Carnival Cruise Line trip with her mother and entered the ship’s talent show, recording a song in the ship’s recording kiosk for ship passengers and submitting it to the cruise company.

Six months later, Peril was a professional singer on that cruise line. Before long, Lorena moved to Vegas to perform in ‘American Superstars’ as Christina Aguilera at the Stratosphere. She also fronted the bands Sunset Strip and Sin City Bad Girls at the then-Shimmer Cabaret at the Las Vegas Hilton. 

In 2010, Lorena was hired to headline Luxor’s Fantasy Show, one of the most successful shows in Vegas.

Taking a break to tour with the stadium version of Grease in Europe, Lorena Peril returned to Fantasy in 2016 and has been its Headliner since.

From Housekeeper to Headliner is an evening filled with incredible music, banter, comedy, storytelling, and spectacular performances as Peril invites you into her astonishing world. 

From her beginnings as a housekeeper to becoming a breathtaking singer, Lorena Peril’s superb talent and determination will inspire you!

As the winner of the Best Local Entertainer Silver State Award and the Outstanding Female Entertainer Las Vegas Fame Award year after year, Lorena Peril is a world-class talent!

From Housekeeper to Headliner on February 12, 16 & 17 at 7:30 pm at the Casa Karma Red Room at Act2PV.


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