Moonlight and Time Travel 

Ever wonder how we get to where we are?

I am a writer and come from a long line of writers. So why am I running a little theatre inside a gallery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? Maybe it’s my destiny? Maybe it has something to do with my ancestry? I think it’s both.

It’s a wild fact that 111 years ago, my great-grandfather Fred Morgan lived an eerily similar life to mine. He was the Creative Director of The Theatre Royal in Norwich, England. 

Famous for its beauty and those who came to perform there in the late 1800’s. Ol’ Fred bought it at the turn of the century where he showcased circus acts and musical comedies! He also brought in the likes of Cary Grant and Charlie Chaplin. It was known as a place for those who enjoyed a laugh and a drink. Sounds like Puerto Vallarta circa 2024!

So, is theatre in my blood, or are we just a bunch of time-traveling entities bobbing around in cosmic patterns? Or maybe Shakespeare knew these things can all be true when he said; 

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely Players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts…”

Although, by the grace of Art Vallarta, we opened Moonlight Theatre just one month ago on April Fools Day 2024, and maybe this creative project was two years in making or maybe it was one hundred and eleven years in the making. Or maybe we are all just trying to fulfill our Great Grandfathers’ life quests. But right here, right now, deeply rooted in the performing arts community of Puerto Vallarta, I am right in time.

Moonlight Theatre, in our first month of operation, has had incredibly talented artists grace our stage. Diana Villamonte brought her powerful voice and beauty, Azafrán Flamenco gave us mesmerizing sound and movement, and Gloria Fiona took her beating heart and shared it with us in an unforgettable emotional night of songs with soul. 

With all this passion in this small and unusual theater, I’m wondering what their ancestors did, and why these artists are who they are? Did Sol Maria (of Azafrán) have a Great-Great-Grandmother who danced for Kings in a Spanish Palace? I know a little of Diana Villemonte’s lineage of talent, but could there be some magic from South American musicians that came before her? 

History repeats, we are merely players…even Gloria Fiona’s father sang like Elvis, and who knows how far his Italian crooning blood-line goes back? Maybe Gloria Fiona is a direct descendant of one of the original Divas of the Italian Opera in the 1800’s. 

If I squint my eyes, I see them all, in harmony, with their ancestors, with their culture. They bring all their legacy onto our little Moonlight Theatre stage. And it’s crowded. And we feel it. And it’s magic. 

And more good, creative, high vibrational artists and ancestors are invited here.

May’s lineup of cabarets, comedies, and culture comes in the form of a “CuBrazil” Night with Fernanda & Carlos on May 7th, then an original Jukebox Musical: “The Unauthorized Christina Aguilera Story” starring Kevin-Anthony II & Patriz, that will perform May 13th, the hysterical stage comedy “Art Convention” with Alejandro Balderas is May 20th, and we end the season with an Unplugged & Intimate night with Gloria-Fiona on May 25th.

Tickets range from 300-400 pesos and there is a little bar up our windy stairs to get a glass of wine or beer.  Practice your yoga before you get into our seats, but every spot is the best view in the house.  

Moonlight Theatre takes a mini break for June and July, returning with mixed media movie nights in August, providing a delightful escape from the rain.

Looking ahead, September marks Showcase Month. Moonlight Theatre is doing something brand new: Our audience will play a pivotal role in shaping the upcoming season. This unique approach allows me to tailor our programming to the desires and tastes of our community, ensuring that each season reflects the collective spirit of Puerto Vallarta.

I am also excited about the collaborations we have planned next. I can’t give it away yet, but they involve headlining singers, clowns, Canadian Improv Shows, local musicians, South American dance groups, Plays, and more experimental theatre. 

It’s hard to contain my excitement for our planned growth over the next six months, and that unto itself will be more time traveling as we stay true to our vision of Cabaret, Comedy & Culture to illuminate the night with Moonlight Theatre at Art Vallarta.


  • Selena Luna

    Selena Luna has 22 years of experience in the Canadian Film & Television industry, was an agent at Lucas Talent, and is an emerging Screenwriter. Selena started her business Moonshine Bright Entertainment in 2022 supporting the performing arts in Vallarta and producing shows at the top local venues.

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