On Being Here Now

The situation on earth right now presents an exquisite irony.

With the evolution taking place on the planet, everyone wants to be here ‘now.’

So many souls are desiring an experience that’s only available on this planet. And, they very much want to be here, right  ‘now.’

The irony is that when they get here,  no one wants to be here ‘now.’

By the latter, I mean really be here — NOW —  in the present, in the presence of God.

If you watch where people put their energy, their attention and their focus, it’s anywhere but in the ‘now.’

Is it on the present? Not really. The focus is on the future. The focus is on the past.

By focusing on the past, judgment comes into effect, and then, guilt for not being perfect, for not being loving.

And, this ensures a future in one’s imagination of retribution and punishment and fear for what they have done or believe they’ve done. So the future has anxiety in it, and the past is full of guilt.

And yet, that’s where people spend their time. Their story is important to them, how they got here, and how they can get out of the feelings that are uncomfortable.

The answer is the same reason that you came here. The answer will always be TO BE HERE NOW.  This is the only reality. This is the only place where the peace that you seek exists.

For many, you may remember that in 1970, Ram Dass’  Be Here Now  became the counter-culture bible for thousands of young people seeking enlightenment in the midst of the darkness of Vietnam.

So, what is the resistance to being here now? The main resistance is the fear of feeling something that might be uncomfortable. By thinking of the future, by regretting the past, you can avoid being present to bodily sensations that might be very uncomfortable.

But, by being in the moment, those bodily experiences can be had in the presence of Love. They can be felt deeply, accepted, fully released and forgiven.

This opens up a wider space, a place to rest. It opens you up to the joy of engaging with life in the present with no baggage and no future nightmares to visit you, no avoidance.

Total, complete, loving acceptance of what is– of people exactly the way they are, respecting them, loving them, honoring them and being them. It’s all available in the present.

And, you’re not alone. In the present are so many beings who wish nothing more than your realization of who you really are.

I am here with you– in presence– not in your story, not in your guilt, not in your fear, but, right here, right now.

I am here with you. This is where love is. This is what we share. BE HERE NOW with me as we come together and be part of birthing the New World, we have been collectively dreaming of.

Thank you for being part of the change we all desire.


  • Sandra Bradley

    Former Radio & TV host ‘Beyond Reason.’ Published writer & artist. Psychotherapist specializing in Regression Therapy, Soul Blueprint, Spiritual Mentoring, Healing, and whatever is needed 'in' the moment. Vipassana practitioner, student/teacher of A Course in Miracles since the 1980s. Sandra shares the reality of Quantum Physics & Quantum Entanglement in Metaphysical terms with those who wish to 'remember.'

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