Give Yourself a Daily Dose of Sunshine!  

The recent full moon in Capricorn signaled that our inner journey to reclaim our Power has come full circle, and we have reached a plateau. 

Plateaus always offer rest and respite from a journey. For now, under the auspices of Cancer, we’re quietly asked to move into self-love, appreciation and nurturing after the many, many months, even years, of demanding shadow work. This month… start thinking “Spa Day.”

I’m not being corny about this. I’m offering it as an image so that when things get rough or tough, you think “spa day”…and simply put, you’ll slow down, make time to love you! Don’t keep going, pushing through… stop checking things off your “to-do” list. Don’t even make one! Trust yourself to live in the moment… listen to your body, to your Heart… just step back… go within! Get the point?

Spa Day will remind you to appreciate and care for you.  

Let yourself catch up with you! Even at the office, or with the kids, you can take 5 and imagine something peaceful. (For you men, it could be the golf course.)

Spa Day for the next 2 months – a time to take it easier on ourselves.

A time to rest, relax and rejuvenate as we settle in/center in Heart Consciousness. It’s mandatory for our continued growth.

And, although July resonates to a 6 frequency, which then shifts into a 7 vibratory field during August, 6 and 7 both encourage us to rest/respect what our bodies are telling us, and love & appreciate ourselves enough to do what is in our best interests. Every moment!

This July’s 6 frequency is all about Balance and Harmony based in Love! The catch is that you must take responsibility for this process. You’re in charge! No outside help! No one lending a hand.  

This is The Universe affording you the chance to take back your Power by converting it to inner authority rather than out-sourcing it. 

Spa time gives you a greater sense of wholeness and wellbeing which we can easily forget in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

The lesson here is that we remember how powerful we truly are!  

Once we internalize care and loving kindness, we then come into Center — the balance within ourselves, aka zero point – which generates harmony & peace within.  

The gift?  You’ve moved away from self-doubt, fear and lack-mentality into self-love, Trust and Peace! 

This is the ultimate power! The newly claimed power – “feeling good with yourself” – allows you to appreciate and honor all that you are.

Accept and allow yourself to be!

It’s all about love; everything else is incidental.


  • Deirdre Morgan

    Deirdre Morgan is a Numerologist, Alternative Healer, and Interfaith Minister. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Vassar, spent six years at the Kairos Institute for Metaphysical and Parapsychological Studies. She is also a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Prenatal Bonding Coach, and psychic consultant. Her book, Heart Speak, is available through

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