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Opening Reception for Sculptor Luis Espiridion

The last reception of the season at Galeria Contempo presents Luis Espiridion, Friday, March 8, from 6 to 9 pm. Enjoy a glass of wine while perusing this Guadalajara sculptor’s work.

The sculptural work of Luis Espiridion has a deep and playful feeling. In this exhibition, Espiridion leaves nothing out; he feels the need to show off and does so with slow and meticulous precision, which is only possible in someone who needs to mold his art as life itself.

In the dialogue between space and matter, Espiridion’s work is versatile and affects different aspects of three-dimensionality.

From the silhouette of sculptures that defy their concept of gravity to the notion of volume that is supposed to be a discipline, bronzes, and monumental resins, sculptural installations, and interventions are part of the repertoire of resources of this Mexican artist with an uninterrupted history of 30 years.

The main task of a sculptor is to fight the void of space, as that of the writer is to fill a blank page.

The sculptor Luis Espiridion (born in Guadalajara in 1964) undertook the task of shaping and filling empty space through his sculptures, that can be either bronze, steel, or resin.

Espiridion sculpture tends to be expressionistic. His figures seem to be alive. Human figures appear mutilated, bodies are lame, challenging once again, gravity.

Some have missing arms, and some have holes in their bodies (perhaps as a metaphor for mental black holes), and their patinas evoke the troubled Austrian expressionist painting Egon Schiele.

Espiridion sculptures could represent an evolution of the work of Alberto Giacometti, who the Mexican sculptor considers his teacher.



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