Puerto Vallarta Resurges!

By Dessire Miriam Barragan Meza

Puerto Vallarta is a paradise that has seen many generations settle, grow and prosper. It is a place that embraces all of us who have chosen it as our home. A paradisiacal place where many people can have occupations that generate great wealth in the tourism industry and others. Even with all those wonders that this beautiful place offers us, today it faces a critical reality, the poor management of garbage, especially in the streets of Puerto Vallarta.

Protecting the beauty that Vallarta has given us over the years should be a priority! Our ecological movement, Mexico Todo Bonito, has sought an alternative and contributes to improving garbage management in Puerto Vallarta. As a result, we enjoy clean streets! 

Mexico Todo Bonito has developed a ‘clean streets’ educational program for Puerto Vallarta schoolchildren. Additionally, we have developed a ‘clean streets’ receptacle with recycling functionality called Eco-Cubos Mexico, inspired by the beauties of this marvelous city and the cleanliness that Puerto Vallarta deserves!

We must remember that we are one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. However, over the years, we have allowed trash to be visible in our beautiful port!

We are proud to be part of your resurgence and to know that today can be different, to know that with the support of an entire community, we can achieve it, just as we worked together in great collaboration to build the largest Catrina in the world.

Today, we encourage everyone to join this beautiful movement. Let’s make Puerto Vallarta the cleanest city in Mexico!

Of course, that goal is attainable! Today, we want to demonstrate that there is great love and respect for this paradise; we want to raise our voice for you, Puerto Vallarta! We want to take care of you, heal you and cleanse you! To make you more beautiful than you already are. Today we invite all those who still feel love and gratitude for you to help!

We invite all environmental movements to join us! We invite you, dear reader, to be part of this wonderful resurgence!!

We will make Puerto Vallarta the cleanest city in Mexico!

Please visit our website or call 322 127 1710 for more detailed information.

Thank you for caring enough to read this article.



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