Puerto Vallarta – The Whole Story!

By Pamala Sheppard

We came here, quite a random pick
to get our dental done.
It really made the dentist chair
a great deal more fun.

Knowing nothing of Vallarta,
the Marina, I thought, “Good,”
we could walk to the dentist,
and restaurants for food.

Tequila shoved into our hands
walking out the airport door,
the palms, the breeze, the smiles
I knew, this I could adore.

The little hotel Flamingo
was cute and clean and fun.
We would stay there 3 more times
before my story’s done.

The hot pink flowers all in bloom,
pelicans in flight
look like pterodactyls as
day turned into night.

A crocodile lay lazily
by warm Marina logs.
Tourists snapping pictures while
he coolly eyes their dogs.

Here’s a lady selling bracelets,
and a mariachi band
plays tunes along the walkway
while gathering change from fans.

Savory smells of tacos,
churros and seafood
from the forty restaurants that
decorate our hood.

As we sipped our morning coffee
out on our veranda,
“I never want to leave here,”
I told my beautiful man.

The last night of the last time
on the Flamingo’s deck
I turned to my sweet husband
and said, “Baby, What the heck?”

We agreed we’d retire here,
such a perfect spot.
The sea, the kindly people,
the weather clear and hot.

It will take a few years, we thought,
chatting to each other.
The house, the store, the animals
pose a mammoth bother.

We got home and told some friends
how much fun we had.
Sometime we’d like to move there.
Some thought we had gone mad.

Just a few days later
while working at my store,
a new young couple in our town
appeared eagerly at my door.

“We heard you’re moving to Mexico
and if that’s really true,
will you be selling the store,
you think, anytime soon?”

A half an hour later,
a friend came to the store.
“I heard on the grapevine
that you are out the door.”

I squealed, “There is no grapevine,
just some sort of rumor.”
She said, “We want to buy your house,
no joke, what is your number?”

So within an hour,
I sold our house and store.
Then, a realtor called from Vallarta
that we had met before.

“I know that this is sudden
but the condo that you liked,
that was taken off the market,
when the prices spiked.

The owner wants to sell it.
But before we list
want to make an offer?
The market here is brisk!”

So we made an offer
and wondered what was next?
Why the hot rush, Universe?
Excited now but vexed.

It all seemed too easy
and so nicely paced.
Our septic failed inspection,
and they dug up the place.

Our house was a disaster,
closing was delayed.
I sold our vintage treasures
like they were lemonade.

We sold all our belongings,
and gave away our cats.
The house sold, and was all done,
but the condo hit some snags.

Suddenly, we were homeless.
But without despair.
We had kids to impose on,
’til we got settled there.

Paperwork got finished,
the condo finally ours;
the air conditioner broken
so we lived in the bars!

But only for a couple weeks!



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