The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow!

Recap: Good Morning, From Here, June 15 – 21
A gentle rain is falling, and the grey skies are soft and unthreatening; it is a good morning to go back to bed and indulge in another hour’s rest. The temptation…

My beautiful kitty, Bogie, has been with me for one whole month. We are still learning about each other, but what a love fest it has been – for me, at least. He reminds me quickly when I overstep his privacy boundaries. Okay, Mr. B! Don’t eat me!

Ricardo Mazcal’s Weekend Artisan Market continues every Saturday morning on the Isla Cuale – he is indoors, so no worries about being rained out this summer. Ricardo is an unrivaled source of herbal remedies, and I swear he has kept me alive with his pre and probiotic Maz-Mix for over a decade.

I also stopped by my lovely dentist on Libertad to ask a quick question. Within the hour, I was in Orlando Godinez’s chair, fine-tuning a couple of minor details; he is a magician I highly recommend.

I spent some time with Gloria Fiona last Friday, and it was wonderful to get to know her a little more and understand the power behind her voice. She is a heart laid bare, full of love and open kindness. Her upcoming projects will be full of magic imaginings; she is fearless, indomitable, and talented beyond words and her voice.

She filled Francie Nguyen’s Casita and Garden Saturday night and sang a little of everything from Country and Western to Celine Dion, and the Fusion 91 dance company performed weaving among the tables. Gloria is producing a show for them at La Catrina Cantina this summer. I will keep you posted on the dates.

The First Annual Tony Awards Viewing Party/Grand Opening of Mary Ann’s Ovations Bar/Fundraiser for Act2PV’s Elevator all took place at the same time last night in the aforementioned beautifully renovated purple and black bar at Act2. Over 155,000 pesos were raised at one of the most fun awards parties I have ever attended.

David Maiocco flew himself and Liberace’s extensive wardrobe from New York City to open the show with Tony Award-winning tunes starting from the late 40s and moving up. Imagine a singalong with Liberace!! It was glorious! Liberace will be hosting Bingo this Saturday from 5 to 7 pm; I will remind you beforehand.

The new general manager of Act2PV, David Sabella, and his invaluable assistant, Cate Valcic, had the night mapped out seamlessly and kept the long commercial times during the Tony Awards filled with songs, trivia, and bingo games. Hors d’oeuvres preceded caprese salad and fabulous pasta cooked by Sabella, according to his grandmother’s recipes. Marsha Ross baked cookies for two days – five different kinds – that were sold, and the money accrued to the elevator fund. Bottles of vintage wine, ATV tours, intimate dinners, and overnights at Casa Karma, a day on Tom Bernes’ yacht, and two jewel-encrusted evening bags were auctioned off. Bing Young won the 50/50 raffle at the end of the evening.

I am so pleased to see this new fire of creativity blazing away at Act2PV. The atmosphere is positively bubbling over with anticipation of the summer season – fun stuff with the heavy hitters, including a few heads that popped up during last night’s Tony Awards, coming to entertain at the height of the winter season. It is excitement squared; see everybody tomorrow From Here.

The view from my desk is of the south side of our Lady of Guadalupe Church bell tower. I can see two clocks and up to the cross on top of the crown. Beyond that is very dark gray sky. There is no breeze, at least not yet; once the tide changes, it will return.

Eight-fifteen in the morning, all sound is still muffled – like it will snow. The ‘chipichipi’ drizzle is finally making a noise so that we may have real rain; slow and easy would be perfect for filling our dry, cracked river beds and aquifers.

I am in all day and night except for running some errands. Tomorrow kicks off Act2PV’s Summer Season, starting right after Scrabble lets out at Qulture, so we’ll see you there and everywhere, From Here.

It’s Juneteenth in the US and mid-week here. It is raining gently but earnestly; I am in need of a sunny day. This weather makes me lazy and underproductive, and worse, I don’t care that I am lazy and not doing anything. So, we have to go with the flow (ahem…) – that’d be downhill for now until there is a break in the monotony of gray.

Today is the opening of the summer season at Act2PV and the return of the wildly popular Greatest Show which usually fills the Casa Karma Red Room to the rafters because it’s FREE! That’s not why it’s full – the free admission is welcomed, of course, but the quality of the shows, produced every single week is outstanding. It is the smartest advertising campaign I have ever enjoyed! To see a smattering of what’s coming up in the fall and winter season is a win-win for the theater and the audience.

Scrabble at Qulture will precede. Sadly, a couple of our better players are out of town, but that’s only our loss.

I had mango smoothies yesterday with my lovely friend Sandra Bradley and am doing the same thing tomorrow with my dear Juan Carlos Bernal.

Also, tomorrow is a classical music concert at Act 2PV starring two amazing pianists, Duo Vallarta, Jean-Guy Comeau, and Aquiles Morales. As with every event in town, check for details From Here.

Happy Summer to everybody from the gray sky of Vallarta. At least the birds are flying this morning but quietly, getting their day started without sunshine or rain. I need more coffee.

Summer began a day early last night at Act2PV. Cate Valcic produced the first Greatest Show, which is scheduled to run every Wednesday at 6 pm from now until the fall. Write that in your calendar, and do not miss this ever-changing weekly delight. This show has no cover, only a two-drink minimum of 200 pesos.

Mary Ann’s Ovations Bar was packed prior to the show, and David Duvall presided over the piano and songs. The Casa Karma Red Room’s seats were full, but for a couple. Lydia Damato is back from Africa, looking fresh and rested; she will be presiding over the last bingo of the season at Nacho Daddy next Wednesday, the 26th.

Speaking of Bingo, catch the first one at Act2 this coming Saturday from 5 to 7, with Liberace himself calling the balls.

David Maiocco, who channels Liberace, accompanied several vocalists at The Greatest Show. He told me later that quite a few singers had only previously played with tracks. What a difference a live touch makes in such an intimate setting!

I was going to write about a couple of outstanding performances but I really can’t – in the two-hour-plus concert, there were so many that, to be fair, let me just say, reserve now for next week and try to pick the top three. I betcha can’t From Here.

A lovely reunion yesterday over mango smoothies with my Lightworker friend Juan Carlos. He is recently back from visiting family in Europe and was full of exciting tales of various cities he visited. My sister and I will be heading to northern Europe a year from now, barring any global disturbances like our last aborted trip to the north of Europe!

What a gift Act2PV unfolded last night in the Casa Karma Red Room! “Duo Vallarta,” Maestros Jean-Guy Comeau and Aquiles Morales wowed a full theater with two pianos in concert. The music choices were eclectic and watching these two very different musicians was delightful. While Aquiles is ramrod straight and elegant, allowing his “fingers only to play the notes,” Jean-Guy’s entire body and face are on full alert to either attack the piano or be attacked by it. The animation is lovely – like watching someone read an adventure story to a child. The gift of classical music returns next Thursday at 7 pm with “Ensemble Paraiso.” I will remind you, don’t worry! In the meantime, check for details.

The still-enthusiastic crowd filled Mary Ann’s Ovations Piano Bar afterward for a live-streamed concert with the two Davids – Maiocco and Sabella. Half the people in the bar were enjoying dinner, catered by Yamada Sushi in the courtyard below Act2.

David Maiocco on keys fascinated Maestro Aquiles, who was sitting close by – his eyes riveted on Maiocco’s flying fingers. Aquiles, Cassandra Shaw, and Georgia Darehshori stayed longer than I to enjoy David Sabella’s voice and charm.

I walked home in the dark and drizzle, not bothering with my umbrella. My gorgeous kitty, Bogie, was waiting by the front door, full of demands for love and food. Up the stairs we trooped together, tired from another day in this full-of-glorious-music city I call home. Thanks from my heart go to our talented musicians who spread such joy and to the venues that support them in their endeavors that enrich us beyond words From Here.


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