Amapas Ascent: Stairway Stories

The Amapas Neighborhood Association has announced the next phase of revitalizing the Lower and Upper Amapas stairs.

Renowned and beloved local artist extraordinaire Danyol León, AKA Tamale Ringwald, will be creating his vision and directing the painting of murals of Vallarta icons on the Amapas Stairs. He has already painted a number of murals throughout the city that have been quickly embraced by locals and tourists as cultural landmarks. 

Phase one of the Amapas Stairs Project has been completed, funded by residents and locals in our community. New concrete stairs, hand railings, improved lighting, and landscaping refurbishments contribute to a safer and more secure corridor connecting domestic workers and residents alike from Highway 200 to the beach, shops, restaurants, and favorite entertainment venues. 

About the Artist: Danyol León, AKA Tamale Ringwald, uses his art to tell stories about his life and family. 

“I learned early on that storytelling can take on many forms. My Mexican grandmother passed down stories to her grandchildren through craft and folk art, mostly making quilts. As I weave together my colors and figures on a canvas, I reflect on her visual storytelling and its impact on my art. My journey, an extension of my family history, informs the patterns of my paintings much the same way that my grandmother pieced together quilts from pieces of her family’s journey. The stories of my life as a queer person and as a Mexican-American moving to Mexico will live on in this mural, contributing to the larger narrative of queer traditions and cultures in my communities.”

Local paint and supplies were generously supplied by Benjamin Moore, Mexico. The project began on Saturday, April 6, and should take approximately one month to complete. 

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