Amigos del Magisterio Feed Vallarta’s Hungry

For 18 years, Amigos del Magisterio, a group of volunteers, has worked to supply basic foodstuffs to the poor of Puerto Vallarta, especially those living in Colonia Magisterio, its poorest suburb. 

The mission of Amigos del Magisterio is to alleviate hunger and promote dignity, mainly by providing food to those in need, especially those working and residing in Magisterio.

Its vision is that through community engagement and compassion, it will uplift lives and foster a sense of hope in challenging circumstances while maintaining 0% administration costs.

The homes of the people of Colonia Magisterio who receive assistance are shack dwellings of tar paper, cardboard, broken pallets, corrugated metal…whatever is available. 

Water from a small water hose is shared by all. Open pit toilets (no sewers) and a bit of electricity are the norm for the shacks. Sewage runs in Gardenia Street, where barefoot children play. The residents of Magisterio survive by sorting through the city’s garbage and finding things to sell for money, such as aluminum cans and cardboard. 

Some people also travel by bus to the city’s dump in El Colorado, some 30 kilometers outside Vallarta, where they sort through mounds of garbage to find items that can be sold or eaten. This arduous, filthy, and dusty work is usually done in the blazing sun. 

Beans, rice, pasta, and cooking oil are the basic foodstuffs of the people being assisted. Amigos volunteers purchase those basic foodstuffs and deliver them weekly to the workers in the refuse dump and families living in Magisterio. 

In addition, Amigos del Magisterio makes food deliveries (beans, rice, oil, milk, rolled oats, etc.) to local charitable organizations such as New Beginnings Mexico, Caritas PV, La Escuelita, and Pasitos de Luz. These deliveries supplement the organizations’ various food programs. 

Besides food, Amigos volunteers sometimes deliver gently used clothing and shoes donated by individuals who travel to PV from Canada and the United States.

The food delivered by Amigos del Magisterio is purchased using funds donated by individuals and organizations located in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Some fundraising activities are held in Puerto Vallarta. Frigorizados La Huerta, an ongoing corporate sponsor, makes generous bi-weekly frozen food donations that fill freezers donated to our adopted organizations by generous Amigos volunteers.

All funds collected are spent on donated food. No money is spent on administrative, overhead, and delivery costs. All deliveries are made by volunteers who use their own vehicles or a truck lent by a generous individual. 

Muchas gracias to all donors, volunteers, and organizations that support Amigos de Magisterio!

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