Be Who You Truly Are

Throughout recorded history, and even before that, there have been beings on this planet who have been able to access their true Self while they are in a body, deeply feel their connection to God, to the Universe, to all that is, and have that experience transform their lives.

From the experience of unity, it’s quite easy to access wisdom– wisdom about how to live, how to be powerful, how to have peace, how to relate to others.

And, the wisdom itself, when recorded and read, is quite beautiful. It resonates with the hearts of those who read it.

The next step, often, for people interested in accessing the God within themselves is to follow that wisdom.

Many of you have been taught the teachings of the one we know as Yeshua ben Joseph aka, Jesus. Those teachings of other masters all have value and merit. And yet, if you make your life about following the wisdom that was borne of an experience that others had, you will only go so far.

For instance, if you decide to live as the Essenes lived with all of the valuable experience they had or if you desire to be a good Christian, a good Catholic, a good Hindu, then it would make sense that you would follow the precepts of that religion.

In Judaism, you would follow God’s commandments. There is much to be said for living that way. Comporting yourself in alignment with the commandments as you understand them can take you quite a ways in life.

I want to ask you to go deeper than that.

What you really want is the experience that these masters had– the experience of being in the moment and open to God and the guidance that would come moment to moment.

Consequently, what seemed like a good idea yesterday may not be a good idea today. Even if there’s a lot of wisdom in yesterday’s knowledge.

It’s actually easier to follow precepts, ideas and concepts and written wisdom than it is to stay open, moment to moment, to the experience of love, peace and power.

The script has not been written. What you do and what you say has a perfection in it when you are aligned with your true Self.

Let that be your thirst– to know yourself as God knows you, to be who you really are, and see what that brings you in terms of your own personal wisdom.

What to say – not to be good at it, not to get to be a good person, but remembering your goodness is assured. Your goodness is your birthright. You are good in a place that knows no bad.

The value is in experiencing, in knowing that, in seeing the Christ (ancient Greek word for being the anointed one as we all are) in others, not just believing that they are that way… but seeing it.

Seeing the love in yourself and in others is so rewarding. It is its own instruction. You will know what to do. You will know what to say. And it won’t necessarily be based on your previous experience. It will be based on what you see right in front of you, right out there, calling you to say something, to do something… or to do nothing.

Trust that. Go for that.

Quench your thirst for knowing who you are– and you will know who I AM.

You will know who everyone is. And it is its own reward.

Thank you for reading these words. Remember that you are all ‘Christed’—you are all the ‘anointed one.’


  • Sandra Bradley

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