The Most Outrageous Month Is Here!

Happy June! Bringing in beautiful opportunities and blessings for your happiness and well-being. Bursting with the higher frequencies of solar flares, increased photon light and magnetic waves, the crisscrossed timelines create space for us to move into a new dimension where Love, Light and Joy are fully activated.

Under the impact of these changing cosmic energies, we experience our journey into conscious co-creation much faster, a breathtaking pace.

What’s going on?

Quite simply, from a Numerological perspective, we’re under the impact of the very fast-paced, dramatic 5 vibrational Energy Field. 

A brief revisit to 5 — recall it is Masculine, which means action… exertion… in the outside world, in your daily life. It is the energy of change, choice and freedom — all requiring action, not planning. You did that last month! It is action, though, of the Heart – Heart-based intentions that are bold and courageous.

Why now?

Mainly due to 5’s insistence that we start putting those vision boards and affirmations into practical execution. 5 loves doing what’s new, different and challenging. For the 5, all this resonates as “an adventure”! 5 is at home in the uncharted territory of your life… and that’s where we each must go this month.

5 loves to mess around with our lives – its impact is that we now make new choices for our highest and best good. Creating a new playing field, holding a new, grander outlook is really not a choice… that is, if you wish to live well! If you wish to thrive this lifetime! 

You can expect 5 to offer you one change right after the other. 

Could it be the Universe’s way of pushing us out of the complacency of our comfort zone and into the 5th-dimensional expanded matrix?

Is there support from these approaching upheavals? Yes!

This June’s 5 comes from a 14/5 frequency. (8 Universal Year + 6 Calendar Year = 14.) 14 holds the secret to our success.

First of all – know that a 14/5 is a groundbreaker, groundbreaking Energy. So all that stable, solid earth (your inner base) you’ve organized for your life is about to get upturned! Just think Divine Order, evolutionary process and keep going!

14/5 says “do what it takes to live Lightheartedly, Wholeheartedly!” which means – “Go on! Break the rules, the patterns that aren’t working for you and kept you in a restricted, limited and lack mentality. Open your Heart, love yourself and life! If this isn’t something to crack open the champagne, nothing is!

Now – as humans – we don’t always wholeheartedly embrace the New…the Different… the Heart! However, the 14 provides the extra juice you may need to “go for it”. Start today. The only thing left for you to do is to let go of that need for control!

Therefore, at this stage in the game – I hope that you are in sync with the 14/5! Since 14/5 is groundbreaking… where do you want to break new ground? Are you feeling curious, excited and gutsy! Are you ready to play, take risks and explore new territories and horizons? Be outrageous… not outraged! Good to go? 

There is another ace up the universal sleeve for you: It’s the 6-6 portal on the 6th of June!  6 is the Energy that can give you a big boost of Love, Joy and sense of wholeness as this is all it knows. 6 is the Living Heart, the Loving Heart. It possesses great inner strength… determination… courage whereby it perseveres in manifesting its ideals and goals. 6 trusts Divine Order.

This portal on 6-6 gently reinforces our bravado to stay in the Heart and to go forward living from and with Heart!

This is not your month to be Ferdinand and sit under the cork tree mesmerized by the flowers. Get off your fanny and start consciously creating the changes you wish to see in your life! With a song in your Heart!

Then you get to smell the roses!


  • Deirdre Morgan

    Deirdre Morgan is a Numerologist, Alternative Healer, and Interfaith Minister. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Vassar, spent six years at the Kairos Institute for Metaphysical and Parapsychological Studies. She is also a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Prenatal Bonding Coach, and psychic consultant. Her book, Heart Speak, is available through

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