Becoming Adele: Gloria Fiona’s Musical Journey

Gloria Fiona’s passion for music ignited during her childhood when her father serenaded her for the first time with Elvis’s ‘Love Me Tender,’ marking the beginning of her lifelong connection to music.

Born in Rome, Italy, Gloria Fiona is multilingual, fluent in Italian, Spanish, English, and proficient in French. In her twenties, she traveled Europe, but it was in Puerto Vallarta where she discovered her home, residing in Banderas Bay now for nearly a decade.

Gloria Fiona’s talent gained local recognition, securing second place in The Voice of Vallarta 3 and reaching the finals of the Karaoke World Championships. Recently, she triumphed in La Voz Catrina, winning first place at La Catrina Cantina.

She established Gloria Fiona Live Music to share live performances and positive energy.

Whether performing solo, in duets, or with a full band, Gloria captivates audiences with her powerful voice, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

Her latest venture, a heartfelt homage to the legendary Adele, will grace the stage of The Palm Cabaret. With renditions of Adele’s iconic hits such as Hello, Someone Like You, and Skyfall, Gloria Fiona promises to transport her audience into the emotive realm of Adele’s music, infusing it with her own passionate interpretation.

Gloria Fiona’s transformation into Adele has been six months of learning songs, dyeing her hair from brown to blonde, perfecting Adele’s signature eyeliner, and preparing for her inaugural tribute show.

Inspired by a friend’s suggestion during dinner, Gloria Fiona embraced the challenge. Accompanied by her nine-piece band, she is set to debut at The Palm Cabaret & Bar this month.

Gloria Fiona shares, “My purpose is to evoke profound feelings, to express emotions that many shy away from, and to sing them to the audience, allowing them to experience those emotions.”

Singing is the core of her existence; it allows her to connect her past experiences with her present ones.

In addition to her musical career, Gloria Fiona finds balance in her personal life. She plans to marry her fiancée Irene in a year and hopes to start a family in the next three to four years.

Reflecting on whether blondes have more fun, Gloria Fiona emphasizes that joy, love, and a range of emotions are intrinsic to her being, transcending superficial attributes like hair color.

She is a walking testament of a soul infused with music.

Gloria Fiona warmly invites everyone to join her as she embodies Adele at The Palm Cabaret & Bar on February 24th and March 9th at 6 PM.


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