VIDEO: A Visit to The Porch Cafe

The Porch Cafe, the latest venture in Puerto Vallarta by the entrepreneurs Brian Kent, Bryan Stocks, and Roger Allen, who brought you One Six One, Anonimo, and The Tunnel Bar, is now open for business.

This lovely, airy cafe on Amapas (across from the Tropicana Hotel) is open from 9 am until 2 pm every day but Tuesday, offering everything you’d expect on a breakfast menu, plus a few delicious sandwiches as well. The prices are reasonable, only cash is accepted, and the reviews so far, have been nothing but stellar!


  • Derek Carkner

    Derek Carkner hails from Toronto, Canada and has been living and working in Puerto Vallarta for the last five years. He can ease you through the process of buying or selling a home with candid advice and a unique sense of humour. He has travelled extensively throughout Banderas Bay and would love to share its idyllic offerings with you.


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