Bye, Bye Pride!

Recap: Good Morning, From Here, May 25 to May 31

Is everybody happily exhausted from Pride? I haven’t read any numbers yet, but it certainly seemed that everyone had a gay old time. I joined dozens of friends and neighbors up the street at Jim and Sean’s house for drinks and always fabulous nibblies that Jim is famous for. Dessert was ice cream and a cookie – so welcome in the early summer heat.

I met Sharon Gerber Scherer the following day at our duly appointed rendezvous, the Lobster House, on the Malecon for our third straight (ha, ha) Gay Pride Parade. We shared delicious French toast and spent nearly two hours of yelling, screaming, bead-tossing, dancing people, having a blast.

It was fitting that the first benefit for Mercurio Hotel staff took place at La Catrina Cantina, which began in the middle of a crisis to help local entertainers during the pandemic. I was so pleased to see Paul Crist there; he has to believe how much he is loved by our community and we will help him pay his staff. Make donations directly to Casa Jojo Foundation. Thanks to Juan Alvarado and Bill Williams, owners of La CC, for spearheading this benefit and transparently using their registered charity to collect and distribute funds.

Thompson Hotels—now in Vallarta in what was Krystal Resorts—sponsored a muy fancy, red-carpeted outdoor art auction to benefit Arte Vallarta Museo. Director Nathalie Herling was there, of course, with coordinators Hector Belloc and Selena Luna. Vallarta luminaries spotted with paddles included Steven Retchless, Angela and Art Curley, Colette Zarry, Lencho and Nancy Chapman, and Louise Mann.

Has anyone else noticed a decided lean toward elegance in Vallarta, say, in the past year? While I love that we are a beach resort and the laid-back vibe that enfolds, I do believe we are ready for occasional tailored shorts and handwoven, colorful deck shoes and yes, shirts with buttons and no writing. Until tomorrow, have a gorgeous day Vallarta From Here.

After a long, leisurely brekkie on the beach with friends, I am going to pick up my passport! Fourteen days from dropping off the papers to it being in my hand! Good service, no? After that, shopping at La Comer and Costco because I will be close to that neighborhood, then home.

Tons of work to be done around here because my sister Patrice arrives in six more sleeps!

Kevin and I had to forego seeing the final Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Members of the cast’s family had not seen it, and it was Closing Night, so…”Sold Out” are the sweetest words to describe ticket sales at the end of a production’s run. Hedwig was brilliant: Jordon Carnegie was such a star in the lead role. Word of mouth packed The Palm for four performances only. I hope arrangements can be made to keep this production in Vallarta, although it is certainly good enough to tour internationally. Remember where you live, Jordon, From Here.

Mid-week and five more sleeps until Patrice arrives. Lots coming up in the meanwhile besides house cleaning and stocking the bar!

What a glorious morning yesterday, toes in the sand at Langostinos, attentive wait staff that kept Sharon, me, and our beloved now 30-year-old Patty Macias full of coffee and breakfast. It has been months since we have been together, and two hours flew by as we sorted through bits and snits of our lives, sharing memories and future dreams. Patty came bearing gifts for each of us – a delicate bracelet for Sharon and earrings for me that she made; they will be cherished.

Happily, Sharon doesn’t eat chocolate cake so Patty and I enjoyed the surprise slab of bday cake. Thanks, Emilio!

Sharon’s hubby Rob picked us up and dropped me on the highway across from Penisula Plaza and the Canadian Consulate. I have regained passport status – woo-hoo! Excellent service, Canada, merci.

Scrabble today at 1, and I am feeling lucky, From Here!

Benefit #2 for Mercurio Hotel staff got underway at Act2’s Main Stage yesterday afternoon. I was so happy to see Georgia Darehshori who has returned from a Month of Medicals in NYC. She looks remarkably well considering the battles she has endured. Only love and healing from here on in, eh, Georgie?

The Edgar Sanchez production featured Miss Fifi and Gaby Heart as emcees, auctioneers, and, of course, entertainers! Brenda Gaviño and Sarah Joy gave us an amazing taste of their classical sides with a fabulous aria I did not recognize. Luis Villanueva belted a couple of George Michael tunes, so perfect for his voice.

Paul Crist was in the audience and gratefully accepted the monies raised for his staff. Thanks go to Act2PV for giving their stage and tech crew to Edgar Sanchez to quickly put together this benefit. Kudos to the performers who donated their talent to the cause. And for those who attended, proving again the kindness of our expat community. And to Paul Crist – we love you, dearly, From Here.

Another weekend looms, and I have only three more sleeps until Patrice flies in for ten days. We have eating on our agenda and will enjoy the last part of Restaurant Week.

I met Selena Luna yesterday at the Arte Vallarta Museo as she was closing up for the day. We fed beautiful Minerva on our way out and walked along the riverside, watching the construction of the new road that must give the people who live on that street confidence their houses will not be swept away in future rising waters.

On Lazaro Cardenas, we slipped into Pecaditos Cafe for Selena’s favorite crepe. I didn’t even look at the extensive menu once she mentioned “cajeta.” The enormous crepe is stuffed with cajeta and bananas, folded, then topped with more bananas and a huge dollop of vanilla ice cream. O M G. The richness was amazing. They also have savoury crepas but when there is cajeta, why would you bother?

Spencer Day will be at La Catrina Cantina this afternoon at 5, singing duets with Luis Villanueva. This is a one-off, and will be fabulous, so don’t miss it, From Here!


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