Couple of Clowns

Tromba Vetusta is truly something special. Ale Matus and Dabit Azofeifa from Costa Rica are far more than a clown couple; they form a dynamic duo forged from the various elements under the theatrical sun: circus, music, storytelling, dance, puppetry, prop-comedy, and opera. They bring their joyous circus show, ‘Circoncierto,’ to the Act2PV stage in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, presenting a fantastically unique performance. 

‘Circoncierto’ is a fusion of Dabit and Ale’s myriad of talents. With over ten years of clown training, these musicians and singers deliver performances brimming with physical comedy, musical prowess, acrobatics, and even a rubber chicken! I’ve had numerous opportunities to get to know Ale and Dabit, each experience wonderfully weird. However, the most peculiar encounter occurred when I visited their home, where an uncanny resemblance struck me. 

Their eclectically decorated bookshelf looked oddly familiar. Laden with books, collections from their travels, and cherished memories, this creative shelf left me in awe. Not just because it mirrored its owners—beautiful and interesting—but because it bore an uncanny resemblance to the one in my mom’s house in Canada. 

My mother’s bookshelf holds her and my late father’s most treasured books and collections. Every detail was eerily similar: an antique set of tarot cards, dried flowers, captivating framed photos, and musical instruments adorned their shelf, echoing my own cherished familial legacy. I shared with them how my parents’ shelf held almost the same elements, albeit with some differences. 

The blue wall and acoustic guitar behind it were identical, with the only missing piece being one of the many instruments my father played, called the Jew’s Harp. At this, Dabit reached up and produced a palm-size velvet sleeping bag from the shelf, unveiling his own Jew’s Harp, which he began to play. I took a step back, jokingly suggesting that perhaps he was my father reincarnated.

However, I noted my Dad passed away 30 years ago. Dabit grinned softly and mentioned that he had just turned 30. The initial disbelief transformed into humor, deepening our connection. The ensuing laughter solidified a bond that transcended time and space, weaving a tale of serendipity and a shared passion for the arts. 

I foresee witnessing more brilliance from these talented artists, and I eagerly anticipate producing a show with them in the new year. If you find yourself in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, do yourself an absolute favor and witness the incredible artistry of Ale and Dabit at Act2PV. ‘Cicunciero’ isn’t merely a remarkable production; these two clowns inadvertently create bridges between worlds, sharing laughter, music, and the magic of circus artistry with those fortunate enough to cross paths with them.


  • Selena Luna

    Selena Luna has 22 years of experience in the Canadian Film & Television industry, was an agent at Lucas Talent, and is an emerging Screenwriter. Selena started her business Moonshine Bright Entertainment in 2022 supporting the performing arts in Vallarta and producing shows at the top local venues.

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