From Here: November 14-17

Welcome to the first episode of From Here in our new format. It will be written every day, then the accumulation of a week’s-worth of ramblings will be collected, encapsulated, and released in one long column every Friday.

In my first week of editor-ship, Vallarta Mirror lost a couple of advertisers and readers because we were going digital.

I read in bed every night and love to hold a book in my hands, even hardcovers. They are damn heavy, especially if you fall asleep! 

I kept a bunch of old PV Mirrors just so I could do the crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Did you know you can buy books of Sudoku, keep you busy for weeks, AND you are helping to save the dozen trees that would die to create ONE Sudoku image in a 20-page weekly paper?

See you tomorrow, From Here.

A busy day is in the offing—an hour or so at Central Gym, including the gorgeous walk along the Malecon there and back. Scrabble at 1 pm at Qulture, where everyone is welcome to play, and it’s Happy Hour all day! We have boards in Spanish and English, so bring your brain. 

A bingo fundraiser upstairs at Nacho Daddy follows at 4 pm for the FREE Colina Spay & Neuter Clinic. The prizes are generous, and the camaraderie is delightful. Colina S & N has neutered over 10,000 animals in the past decade, but the need persists. Spay and neuter, people!

Oficinas de Proyectos Culturales (OPC) on Juarez in Centro is having a Tequila Tasting/Book Launch tonight at 6 pm. Find me and my sister Patrice and say hello. After that, we’ll be off to Veggitalia for spaghetti Putanesca; last week’s pizza was terrific.

Coming Up: Thursday: Act2PV, Queen Tribute; La Catrina Cantina, Patriz and Nia. Drop in tomorrow for details, From Here.

Happy 18th Birthday yesterday to the Vallarta Botanical Garden! Founder, Curator, and dear friend Bob Price just returned from British Columbia, where he accepted yet another International award for his extraordinary Garden half an hour south of the City. If you have not been, GO! If you have, go again. In this genuinely magical oasis, you can watch things grow in real time; your heart and soul will thank you.

After some full-contact Scrabble and Bingo games, Patrice and I walked up Juarez to OPC for a tasty educational event in the Educational Garden, where Clayton Szczech launched his first book, “A Field Guide to Tequila.” The rapt audience learned how to fully appreciate this complex, truly Mexican spirit. Clayton’s humorous approach to his passion engaged our attention to the max. What a delightful evening. Well done, Director Pilar Perez and staff. I am looking forward to reading Clayton’s gorgeously put-together book.

A late pear salad and pasta dinner at Veggitalia deliciously ended a long, eventful day. Chatted briefly with Brett Rowe on the street; he is off to the States soon to play “Rhapsody in Blue” – Vallarta’s loss is Chicago’s gain.

We will have lunch at Whiskey Kitchen before the Queen Tribute at Act2PV at 5 pm this afternoon. The Roxsand band will do the honors. If we can stay up late another night in a row, we will go to La Catrina Cantina to listen to Patriz and Nia star in “Essence & Attitude.”

Coming Up: Friday. “Remake” at La CC, starring Chris Lopez, Nacho Granados and Max Prado.

Until tomorrow, enjoy this lovely day, From Here.

The Roxsand band served up a rousing tribute to the British group Queen last night at Casa Karma’s Red Room at Act2PV. I love everything about the 5 pm matinees at Act2. Throw in a pot of popcorn, and you have a delightful way to end your day or begin a long evening around town. Particularly with tribute shows that pay homage to groups/entertainers from the 60s to the 80s; those that lived through those decades are now bloody old, like me. Last night conjured up long-lost memories of Bohemian Rhapsody, blasting through our earphones as we fell asleep and awoke in the morning to a dead Walkman. Thanks, Act2PV, for catering to us.

Patrice and I will enjoy Remake – the three Argentines at La Catrina Cantina tonight at 7:30. Chris Lopez, Nacho Granados and Max Prado put on a helluva show, and there’s no cover! We will likely stay for Victor Do Espirito (currently starring as Dr. Frank-n-Furter in Rocky Horror Show at Act2PV), who follows Remake.

Coming Up: Saturday. Three Hens & a Rooster Market on the Isla Cuale from 9 to 1. Dozens of artisans and food vendors offer their wares under the trees along the riverbank. At 9:30 pm at the Palm Cabaret, Maru Prado Conti stars in “Born this Way,” a tribute to Lady Gaga. Please follow Vallarta Mirror on Facebook and look for this week’s recap later today. Enjoy one another and the return of our near-perfect weather, From Here.

Coming Up:

  • Nov. 21, Tuesday, 5 pm, Casa Karma’s Red Room. The Availables pay tribute to The Beatles.
  • Nov. 22, Wednesday, 7:30 pm, Casa Karma’s Red Room. Noemi Plascencia sings “Ladies of Rock.”
    9:30 pm, The Palm Cabaret. Temptation.
  • Nov. 23, Thursday, 7 pm, Casa Karma’s Red Room. Rafael Velazquez presents his Opening Night of “Figaro.”
  • Nov. 24, Friday, The American School. Teatro Sin Borders presents “Lend Me a Tenor.”

That’s where I will be next week. Join me!


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