From the Editor: November 17, 2023

Good morning, on yet another weird-weather day in Vallarta.

Issue #2 as Editor and a few changes/decisions have been made:

  • PV Mirror is now Vallarta Mirror.
  • Sandra Bradley has joined us as a columnist; read her with your heart wide open.
  • Carla Piringer also joins us with her expertise in eliminating migraines.
  • Vallarta Mirror will be a digital-only publication by December 01, saving advertisers money and countless trees.

Thirty years ago, our founder, Allyna Vineberg, became the Editor of the first English-language newspaper in town – the Vallarta Tribune. Every week for 15 months, Allyna published my accounts of the destruction of Vallarta’s last city park, which further cemented our long friendship. She stayed as Editor of the Tribune for over a decade, and when circumstances allowed, she created her newspaper, The PV Mirror. It is fitting she was in the first issue of the Vallarta Tribune, and I was in its last in December 2019. I joined the columnists of the PV Mirror a week after the Tribune shut down, and here we are, four years later, making changes again.

So, Vallarta Mirror will reflect myriad aspects of this city we love to visit or live in. It is all I eat, sleep and breathe. 

Please send me your thoughts, wishes and dreams for this publication and our city. Articles are welcome if you have something to say specifically about Vallarta. 

Your input is all we need to build Vallarta Mirror into a concise, lively, ongoing conversation that will give us a more joyous, close-knit community.

Let me and the world hear from you!


Editor, Vallarta Mirror


  • Marcia Blondin

    I am a Canadian expat who has lived in Vallarta for over 30 years. Becoming the editor of Vallarta Mirror is a dream come true, spending my days extolling the virtues of the city I love. An environmentalist in my lifestyle, artistic endeavors, the clothes I wear and the love I share.

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