Dorado Still Dominant, 80 lb. Yellowfin Tuna off Corbetena

After another week of outstanding fishing, things are starting to slow down just a touch. Yes, we still have Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, and more in our world-class fishing grounds of Puerto Vallarta. But now we have Krill, also known as “Whale food.” Of course, these tiny squids and microfish are back in the area with the Whales. This creates a specific set of challenges we deal with every year.

How do you get fish to pay attention to your presentations, aka bait when they’re stuffed with Calamari? No worries, we have dealt with conditions like this from the beginning of time.

There are always challenges, and as challenges change, captains have to come up with solutions. Krill, for the most part, is more abundant in the bay, but they will be all around the Bay of Banderas’ fishing grounds.

Again, this is normal, but it’s a pain in the backside at times. This week at Corbetena, Marlin has been a little “thin.” This doesn’t mean skinny, but more on the juvenile side. Many of the Marlin boated this week were under 200 lbs and hopefully were thrown back as “babies.”

Sailfish are also running the area, but the numbers, for some reason, are less. Dorado of 25 lbs plus are still abundant here at the rock as Dorado numbers drop in other areas.

But Yellowfin Tuna are in the 60 to 80 lb range about two miles north of Corbetena. With Skip Jack Tuna (aka Skippies) in perfect measure, the fishing at Corbetena is well worth the time and the fuel dollars. It’s easy to see why, with plenty of arm-burning action at Corbetena.

Water temperatures have dropped to 82 degrees, a drastic, four-degree change in one week. Obviously, currents are starting to change, which could indicate an early winter fishing season; let’s hope not. El Banco this week is a real mystery and could be every bit as good regarding conditions, but it’s hard to tell with no real trips heading to this area as to what’s happening at the high spots.

The bottom line is this level of fishing here at Corbetena and El Banco will be good for about another four weeks. After that, things start getting “dicey” as we expect the “chill current” about the end of December.

If you’re in town, take advantage of what could be a “once in a lifetime” chance to have that “Bucket-List fish” you have right now. From El Morro to Punta Mita, things are pretty much the same as they have been for the last eight weeks. Eight weeks straight of perfect Dorado fishing in all of our fishing grounds, a record of sorts. But the area off the Punta Mita point has been especially exciting.

Twenty-pound-plus Dorado are still about three miles off the point of Punta Nayarit/Mita as
are decent-sized Sailfish. With blue water and perfect bait conditions, an 8-hour trip is well worth the fuel cost.


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