Face and Neck Creams Simplified

There are three skin types: oily, dry, or a skin combination; some may call balanced or normal skin.  

Today, I will discuss the face and neck skin types of aging men and women and focus on anti-wrinkle face creams and skin regeneration.   

Dry skin comes from a lack of hydration and proper skin nutrition. An appropriate face cream is needed to promote cellular cohesion and form a skin barrier to prevent dehydration. 

Oily skin presents a greasy appearance, showing enlarged pores. You must avoid foods that affect your skin and use products that do not produce more fat on your face. Oily skin needs hydration! The biggest mistake people make with oily skin is choosing an oil-free moisturizer.  

Normal or Balanced skin is identified by closed pores and the mixture of oily and dry areas on the skin. The face cream formula should moisturize the dry areas and not produce more oil in areas with shine. Choose products with a high percentage of water for ideal moisturizing and hydration. 

There are many types of creams in the market, and it does not matter if you pay 10 dollars or a thousand dollars; most creams just moisturize the skin’s top surface. 

The best facial and neck creams provide a positive level of deep hydration because these types of creams are transdermal and can be formulated to go to a planned depth. Such depths are the collagen matrix or the elastin matrix; even one cream has ingredients that go deeper than the collagen matrix. The key is finding herbal actives that can provide deep hydration, improve the elastin and collagen matrix, and repair long-time sun and wind damage. 

Mazcal Cosmetica Natural Botanical Creams are made of the best organic botanical extracts and oils from watermelon rind, lentil, olive leaf, moringa, neem, almond extracts, Sodium PCA, coconut oil, Ricinus Fig oil, red apple rind extract, mushroom extracts, citric acid, acetyl alcohol, and others. 

Here are some of the Mazcal Cosmetica with Natural Botanical extracts:

CREPEY CREAM repairs the elastin matrix and is a natural complex combining watermelon rind extract, lentil fruit extract, and apple extract in an optimized delivery system. Crepey Cream provides 24-hour hydration with one application that significantly reduces fine lines by increasing the cell membrane fluidity. In two weeks of use, applied twice daily, increases the moisture in the skin, dryness decreases, and skin cohesion improves. 

NIGHT CREAM. The ingredients are protein peptides, vitamin C, and Cempazuchitl extract. Protein peptide is the main structural protein that keeps the skin tight and elastic. Collagen matrix reduction can cause crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, and jowls on the chin and jawline. You need a special massage technique to reduce nasolabial folds and jowls on the chin and jawline. The Night Cream herbal actives rebuild the collagen matrix, renewing and regenerating skin cells. 

The combination of Crepey Cream and Night Cream is an alternative to Botox with less cost, no pain, and is healthier and longer lasting.

SNAIL CREAM (Helix Aspersatreats and eliminates scars from first-degree burns and wounds. Reduce wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, and sunspots. Slows down aging and protects the skin from oxidation and free radicals. Skin regains elasticity, firmness, density, and texture.  

NEEM SCRUB Purifying face and body scrub formulated to give you problem-free skin. The Neem Scrub works with a multi-exfoliating and purifying action, killing problem-causing bacteria and exfoliating coconut micro granules in a collagen base. Scrub away blackheads, dead skin cells, and embedded impurities, leaving your skin soft, clean, clear, refreshed, and problem-free. 

SUNBURN SKIN CREAM treats and eliminates red and severe sunburn or burns created by direct hot or super-hot objects in direct contact with the skin, repairing damage from first, second, and even third-degree burns and wounds. Reduce wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, and sunspots. Slows down aging, regenerates skin quickly, and protects the skin from oxidation and free radicals. Skin regains elasticity, firmness, density, and texture. The key active ingredient is the bark of a Mexican tree, Tepezcohuite.  

WRINKLE AWAY with CREAM I EXFOLIATE, all-herbal cream and serum that can provide new skin to the face and neck by exfoliating years of sun and wind damage. Scrub Cream #1 contains vitamin C micro granules in a Ricinus fig oil base with Ginseng, Cempazuchitl extract, and the Chilcoatl extract eliminates fungi, viruses, and bacteria.  

WRINKLE AWAY CREAM II is an all-around cream to condition, moisturize, and maintain all skin types. It is a natural complex combining watermelon rind extract, lentil fruit extract, and apple extract in an optimized depth delivery system and the Ricinus fig oil, combined natural herbs to regenerate your skin. 

These creams provide that skin you had at least a decade ago! 

If you have any comments or questions, contact me by email at mexicasupplement@gmail.com or find me from 10 am to 3 pm at the Artisan Friday and Saturday Market on Rio Cuale Island between the Rico Indian restaurant and the new bridge in Centro Vallarta.

Monday to Thursday at my storefront in Barrio Santa Maria, from 10 am to 6 pm. Call Ricardo Mazcal or Dale Douglas at 322 140 5677 for an appointment. 

You can find Naturally Mazcal’s natural line of creams, organic coffees, turmeric tincture, plus organic honey. Also, Ceylon cinnamon, apple cider vinegar with the Mother, Probiotics and prebiotics in Maz-mix, moringa herb powder, tinctures, 38 different spices, herbal supplements, and all products mentioned in this article online at naturallymazcal.com. We ship anywhere and take all major bank cards and payments sent from OXXO.  


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