Feelings of Despondency and Impotency, Part Two

In our little collective, we humans get to participate in the creation of the future we wish to experience. Therefore, ‘others’ who do not live in our dense third-dimensional, warmongering world, who see us from another perspective, are advising us not just to watch and wait.

We are advised to be proactive in what we are putting out energetically, including our words and actions, just as much as our thoughts, feelings, and visualizations.

We can change our world for the better right now, and then we can wait to see how the world reflects the changes we have made, and that can be the fun part of it for us – we are no longer paralyzed but actively changing our collective world, one person at a time.

We have yet to learn how powerful we personally are – try to imagine what we can achieve if we act as a collective, all doing the same thing.

We can also look out at ‘our’ world right now with the understanding that the world is showing us what is needed. The world will always let us know how we can best show up in it to be the best version of ourselves and, therefore, contribute mightily to the human collective.

We can contribute all day, every day, with our vibration –  the energy we put out. We are being advised to keep our vibrations high by focusing on what puts us in a higher vibrational state.

That means we don’t always want to look outside of ourselves for the problems of the world that need our energy to help solve those problems.

At this moment, we must look within for what’s already inside of us that’s perfect. Look within for your love, compassion, creativity, and ability to heal and forgive. We all hold the keys to the ‘New Earth’ we have been collectively dreaming of, and if anyone out there is telling you that you don’t, stop giving them your attention.

We know that it’s easy and even a little exciting to look outside of ourselves at the stories that others are creating with their very creative minds about the world we are currently living in. This is not the world we experience but, rather, a world that we hear about. And the stories are so entertaining that we give them more and more of our attention and forget our inner world where all the answers are.

And the people creating the stories know this. They know how to grab your attention and how to keep it. That is why it is so important to let your experience be your truth, your reality, and we are talking about your experience of your inner world and your experience of the outer world.

Stay in your own lane – don’t look for trouble, and don’t look for someone else’s truth to make it your own.

Live your truth, shine your light, and know that you are here to help and that you help more by being of a high vibration than you do by knowing every little detail about what’s going on behind the scenes in the secret world that you don’t experience.

Let your experience be enough, and let yourselves be who you really are so that you can co-create the world that you want to experience and that you want others to experience as well.

It is hard for most of us to accept that we are ‘enough’ – that we are perfect exactly where we are. But it behooves you to know that our own belief system creates your reality, and if you are not happy with the little world you find yourself in, then it may be time to begin to see this incredible world with new eyes.

The only way you will do that is to find that space of stillness within yourself and show up with an open heart, mind, and willingness for change. Your light, your love, and your compassion change your world.

Use the words of Metta – Mindful meditation: “May all beings be happy.” “May all beings be free.” Now, get out and shine that incredible light of who you are no matter where you find yourself.


  • Sandra Bradley

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