Feelings of Despondency and Impotency

We are all watching and waiting to see what happens next in the Middle East. It has been dominating our thoughts but very few are talking about it. There was also fear around the possibility of other countries engaging and creating a potential world war.

Feelings of despondency and impotentancy, believing that we cannot do anything from where we are from here, exhausts us. We have been avoiding opening or engaging in a conversation around this very large and very noticeable elephant in the room.

Perhaps we believe that it best to remain silent in case we are misunderstood or that we may be offending someone who leans toward one belief or another. What do we do in this moral dilemma we all find ourselves silently staring at?

If you have ever reached out and said, “How can I help?” you have become a teacher of God or whatever label you wish to name something that cannot be labeled or put in a box of any dimensions – it just “IS”. You are no longer seeing yourself as separate or apart from others – you are ready to acknowledge that we are all in this together.

Remember the old biblical saying of not hiding your light under a bushel. Is it not time we all get out from under our ’bushels’ and shine that bloody light of who and what we truly all are — “Light” — and if we keep hiding it, we will continue to live in a shadow world of our own making.

In Plato’s cave allegory, a group of prisoners who have lived in captivity in a cave since birth only see shadows that a fire behind them projects onto the wall as they are bound in place. The captives only experience of reality is what happens on that wall, projected as a shadow. They are unable to see the objects or the flames that are casting the shadows.

They devote their entire lives to attempting to make sense of the shadows because they believe that is all there is to reality.

To summarize, the cave allegory is a potent metaphor for the discrepancy between appearances and reality. It prompts us to consider our presumptions and views and serves as a reminder of the value of seeking knowledge and understanding. I believe it is time we all stepped out of our personal caves.

Since we are living here on planet Earth as a collective, we don’t have to sit back and wait to see what happens, and we don’t have to read someone’s blog post or watch someone’s video who is going to then tell us, from their own perspective or research, what is going to happen next.

It may be to our advantage to step into the Light, now, of who we all are. For many it is difficult to believe that we, as humans in our little collective, get to participate in the creation of the future that we wish to experience.

Therefore, at this very moment, ‘others’ that do not live in our dense third-dimensional warmongering world, who see us from another perspective, are advising us to not just watch and wait.

You may have asked – “What do you mean to shine my light?” There are many we call helpers, guardian angels, masters, teachers, or once again, whatever label we wish to attach to other aspects of who we all are.

That part of us has a better overview or sees from another perspective, is advising that we be proactive in what we are putting out energetically, and that includes our words and actions just as much as it includes our thoughts, feelings, and visualizations.

We can change our world for the better right now, and then we can wait to see how the world reflects the changes we have made, and that can be the fun part of it for us – we are no longer paralyzed but actively changing our collective world, one person at a time.

We have no idea how powerful we personally are. Can you imagine what we can achieve if we act as a collective, all doing the same thing with the same intent and purpose – to bring balance into this world of ours? Balance brings harmony, and harmony creates peace.

to be continued…


  • Sandra Bradley

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