Fiscal Balance


I spent hours at SAT yesterday, getting my RFC updated. I had an assistant do all the preparatory work, and I showed up to do the waiting, which is an art form in Mexico.

It was only a couple of hours, but sitting quietly with dozens of others was tiring while paperwork piled up on every desk. My fingerprints, which SAT has had for decades, are moldering somewhere in a box, with the ink likely fading away.

Yesterday, though, both sets of fingers and thumbs were electronically scanned, as were my eyes. I am identifiable, or is it identified?

My accountant will have the proper papers sorted and sent to me next week; then, I can begin to work immediately!

Georgia Darehshori invited some friends and neighbors over yesterday afternoon for drinks, canapes, and live entertainment. Dennis Crow presided over the piano and softly wove some music through the various conversations in Georgia’s living room.

Her new home, with expansive views of our fair city, will become G’s charitable event center with intimate dinners for six planned and cocktail parties for more than that, but less than the hundreds she can accommodate at her country event space – Casa Karma!

I saw my lovely new friend Brian Bott, a member of my Mango Smoothie Club and Georgia’s neighbor one floor down, and formally met Brian’s husband, Glen. Patrice and I were privileged to be among the first of Georgia’s guests.

This evening is the “First Saturday of the Month Fiesta” at Arte Vallarta Museo. If you don’t know this lively new gathering place for artists and art-minded people, tonight would be a great time to find out what all the fuss is about.

Be there from 6 to 8 pm. Eat, drink, see and be seen, enjoy the extraordinary art displays, and remember the tiny gift shop for Christmas ideas that are anything but ordinary!

Tomorrow at noon, Perros del Rio will entertain at Hueco Colectivo. It’s Top Dog Kurt Sinner’s birthday party. I will see you there, From Here.


Good morning, From Here. It’s so quiet just now: 5:20 am, Sunday. All the world seems fast asleep.

The Vallarta Arte Museo was hopping last night with a brand new exhibit – “ARTwave,” featuring local Banderas Bay artists. As always, the eclectic mix of style and energy had people stopping in front of various installations and chatting up one another – total strangers spontaneously engaged in discussing the art. The atmosphere was electric.

I’m off to Hueco Colectivo at noon for some rock and roll celebrating Kurt Sinner’s Birthday, and tonight Patrice and I are taking Sharon to see VACARE at Act2PV. This play is astonishing; I can’t wait to see it again, From Here.


Remembering Allyna Vineberg 

I will miss our lunches at Vitea and our dinners at Trio. Hours of intimate conversation, sometimes reflective, but mainly shared loudly with laughter.

One day at Vitea, I wondered out loud to her, “Why are we, you and me, here? Here, in Puerto Vallarta, and not Los Angeles or Bali, or back in Canada.” She said she didn’t have a clue but gestured with a fork full of salad that we were warm and well-fed.

She DID have a clue and had been pursuing the ‘clue’ for years in the PV Mirror.

It was Service. To the city she loved with a passion. And Service to the people like her who chose to live here and those who would come on vacation and need a source of information.

Rest in Peace, my Romanian, French-Canadian, and Mexican amiga. Your legacy of Service will live on.


Thanks to everyone who sent messages of love when they read that Allyna Vineberg had passed away over the weekend. I am grateful and sure Allyna’s family feels the same.

Kurt Sinner’s birthday party at Colectivo Hueco celebrated the reunion of old friends, colleagues, employees, partners, and music and food lovers from El Rio BBQ Bar. Here’s to another 69, Kurt; rock on!

Once word gets out about Vacare, there will be lines down the block surrounding Act2PV every Sunday afternoon, with people clamoring to witness this extraordinary production.

Several enchanting changes were added to the play, making the second performance of Vacare even more profound than Opening Night.

I am out of superlatives to describe this unfolding of magic. Vacare is brilliant; I would see it weekly.

Luis Villanueva’s tribute to George Michael included a live band and three backup singers. Luis made George Michael super fans so very happy.

The Vallarta Garden Club kicks off the 2023/24 season at Oscar’s on the Island tonight from 6 to 8 pm. It is one of my favorite parties of the year, seeing so many friends who have returned for the winter.

Straight from there, Sharon, Patrice and I will fly directly to La Catrina Cantina for a lively fundraiser to help send budding superstar Patriz to New York City to study Broadway musicals.

I will have a full report From Here first thing in the morning.


Patrice and I spent a couple of happy hours shopping at the tianguis in Coapinole yesterday morning. We did extraordinarily well, scoring 19 pieces of clothing and spending 240 pesos. That includes a magnificent evening gown found on a 3 for 20 peso (!!) table.

The season kick-off for the Vallarta Garden Club was well-attended at Oscar’s Restaurant on the Isla Cuale. Rafael Velazquez entertained us with his glorious baritone while friends caught up after a long, hot summer.

If you are looking for a volunteer ‘job’ this winter, you could not find a better organization to join. And, the Gala is next month—the party of the year and the most important fundraiser for the Club. Get tickets fast, as the event always sells out.

We joined Selena Luna and Georgia Darehshori at La Catrina Cantina to support singer Patriz’s dream of studying Broadway musicals in NYC. Luis Villanueva, another Voice of Vallarta contestant, like Patrz, sang a beautiful duet with her. Luis won first place in the Duet Category at the World Karaoke Championships in Panama last month.

Our favorite clown couple, Dabit and Alejandra, entertained with mime, music, juggling, dancing, and Ale’s powerful singing voice. Their adorable stage personas have charmed the entire city – the strange hair and exaggerated clumsiness that become a perfect ballet.

Dabit’s contortions make people squirm in their seats and squeal with delight. Catch Circoncierto tonight at Act2PV, 5 pm.

The Puerto Vallarta Gay Men’s Chorus, founded years ago by dear friend Bob Bruneau, took the stage, sang with Patriz first, and then regaled us with some Christmas carols. That is in anticipation of their upcoming “A Very Broadway Christmas” concerts on December 16 and 17, 2 pm, at The Palm Cabaret.

Our monthly Scrabble Tournament is today at Qulture – wish me luck! Then, a Purr Project bingo fundraiser starts at 4 pm at Nacho Daddy. See you there, From Here.


The sound of rain splattering my roof and my cat, Miri, waking me up to listen to the rain spattering the roof is how I got up at 3:34 am. It may be a long day!

Our 9th Monthly Scrabble Tournament was between me and Sharon Gerber Scherer. I won the tiebreaker. 

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Scrabble Club; thanks to our founder, Randy Thomas, for bringing us together for brain work and the extraordinary relationships that have evolved from this game. Right, John, Kevin?

The Purr Project bingo fundraiser at Nacho Daddy was fun but garnered no winnings at our table. That is highly unusual. Next week, bingo will benefit Colina Spay & Neuter Clinic.

Help support the Vallarta School for Girls this Sunday, 5 pm, at Los Mangos Library. Look for me and Patrice and say hello!

We bid farewell to Sharon Bergos, who returns to Alberta this afternoon. Take some of our warmth home with you, Sharon; you’ll need it From Here.


When I left Allyna’s house on October 26th, walking carefully down that steep hill, my brain was full of a million ideas for the Mirror, and my heart was overloaded with sorrow.

The first person I ran into was Loren Hayes, who took one look at me, opened his arms, and let me cry because I knew for sure my friend Allyna was dying.

Since that day, EVERY day, kind words, positive actions, and all the right people have manifested at precisely the correct time when I thought I would go mad with the workload.

Little by little, the organization is sliding into place, and the direction of Vallarta Mirror is becoming clearer and less confusing. I am learning to allow many amazing brains to help me; I don’t have to reinvent the wheel after all.

Any niggling doubt has left the room, leaving in its wake a trail of gratitude, trust, and such joy to be working with this growing team of writers, brilliant tech help and Allyna’s blessings From Here.


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