Food for Thought About Your Dining Chairs

I recently read a research study about how North Americans use their dining table. I always find this type of information enlightening and interesting. You may want to share some of these tidbits tonight over your dinner.

According to the information in this report, the average life span of a dinner table is approximately ten years. This surprises me. My husband and I must eat out too much at local taco stands because ours has lasted longer!

Nonetheless, like most folks, the dining table is more than just a place to eat. This is why it is critical to purchase a set that is durable and with comfortable chairs.

According to the study, the typical dining table endures almost 2000 drink spills and 1160 stains from food over its life span. That’s a lot of mess that could scratch or stain your table.

One of the best investments you can make is a custom piece of beveled glass that sits over the wood tabletop. This upfront investment ensures your dining table looks good for longer.

On average, over 2450 meals are eaten at the dinner table over its lifetime. (As an aside, we eat an additional 2700 meals while sitting on the sofa.) According to the research, while we eat, whether at the table or on the couch, our favorite topics to discuss are film and TV, general gossip, and politics.

Most people sit down to dinner at around 6:30 p.m. and spend only ten minutes clearing their plates.

North Americans spend about 1230 hours just sitting at the table without any food involved. That does not include work we bring home or bills we sort and pay. The work we do at the table accounts for another 302 hours. We even sleep at the table – 312 hours. No wonder getting comfortable dining chairs is a high priority.

To ensure you get a comfortable dining chair, one of the most important things to watch for in Mexico is the incline of the back of the chair. Many lower-cost dining chairs manufactured in Mexico have a 90% angle from the seat. In other words, the back is perpendicular to the seat, like an L.

Most people find sitting in this type of chair very uncomfortable for long periods. Why have a chair with a straight back? It is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest to produce.

Most people prefer a dining chair built with the back on a slight angle and curved with a minor slope in the seat base. This style is also better for the health of your spine.

There are two options for the seat of your dining chair: upholstered or unupholstered. Wood seats are easier to clean, but not as comfortable. Again, most people prefer an upholstered seat on their dining chair. To ensure your dining chairs stay comfortable, check the type and density of the foam so it does not compress quickly. The best foam for seat cushions, whether dining chair or sofa, is HR (high-resiliency) foam.

High-resiliency foam bounces back. If the seat cushion is made with HD (high-density) foam, it hardens, which causes discomfort. When possible, opt for a performance fabric cover.

Performance fabrics are revolutionary in that they repel liquids and do not stain. We often wear oils and lotions in our climate, so this type of cover is ideal. If you plan to rent out your home while you are not using it yourself, this is the perfect solution.

Most people prefer dining chairs with arms. Make sure to carefully measure your room, as they tend to take up more space than armless chairs. Allow for room to place the chairs side by side as well as to be able to back away from the table and not hit the wall.

Many people err when buying their table and chairs separately (not as a set) to measure the height of the chair arms. You want to ensure enough allowance so the chair can slide easily under the table.

Whether you eat, work, or sleep at your dining table, you want to ensure your furniture is comfortable and lasts. That’s why knowing how to buy right the first time is critical.

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