Café de Flores

There is a new French cuisine restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, which is lovely. Café de Flores is located in Colonia 5 de diciembre at San Salvador 171. The menu is simple and classic, and the décor perfectly evokes the feel of a little romantic bistro. 

There are about 8 bar seats and 6 or 8 tables in total. I must admit that I do love eating at the bar here. Chef Miriam Flores is the mastermind behind the menu. 

A 3-course menu is available for $595, which is an excellent value. This place is full of charm and simple elegance; it is like walking into a small bistrot in France. You should venture here when you have the chance.

I have a special love for French cuisine and French wine. Café de Flores did not disappoint! I realize there are a few other options in Puerto Vallarta, but I felt this one offered the most authentic experience for your next French cuisine craving. This is ANTOJO in Spanish to describe a craving.

The French onion soup was a lighter, more aromatic base with lots of cheese, of course. I really enjoy soup, and it was a perfect starter for my afternoon. Yes, I love soup so much I can enjoy it on a hot day. The soup was well seasoned and abundant with melted cheese. 

The cocktail program here is spot on, with classics so well crafted and fresh; the Piña Colada even had toasted coconut. Miriam’s Margaritas were super special; you have to try them. The list is put together very well and with classics in mind.

Wine lists in Puerto Vallarta can be challenging for sure, but there are a few gems on the menu.

If there was any area that could have a few more options, it was here. Logistics in Mexico are daunting, and for wine list printing and availability changes, I can see why the list is small. Keeping wine stored properly is an issue as well.

All the prices were fair and not outrageous in any way. I keep returning to simplicity, but the menu is full of classics and the fresh ingredients so really cannot go wrong with your choices. 

The Cesar salad was crisp, delicious and, the dressing authentic. The ratatouille was super fresh and full of flavor and white beans I have not had in years, but it is one craving that has stayed with me. 

The flavors took me back to France; I loved this dish. It is worth noting that the kitchen is small, but the pace of dinner went very well. You can watch the chef in the back as he prepares dinner; it certainly adds charm.

The catch of the day was Dorado, which had a perfectly seasoned beurre blanc that was elegant and flavorful. This sauce is not easy to make quickly with any volume, but it was perfect. 

The Short Rib was rich and hearty, dense with slow-simmered flavors, one of my favorites overall. So many chefs rush slow-cooked options, and you can taste the difference. The short rib was French comfort food at its finest. 

The vegetables were tender, and the red wine sauce was abundant. I am a Southern girl who completely used the fresh bread to sop the gravy. DELISH!

I am also a pasta lover and loved the truffled option. I chose a fun Southern Rhone red wine that really danced well with the pasta. The pasta is always handmade with a super fresh texture. The choice of fresh pasta adds incredible authenticity and quality to this little bistro. The bread and butter, which I usually do not even touch, were also high-quality and fresh.

With each course, you can taste that the food is thoughtfully cooked and the ingredients hand-selected with some love and care for the guests.

The crème brulee is the classic choice for dessert; it is rich and creamy, with caramelized sugar toasted just right. 

There is a good, old-fashioned sundae that you must enjoy. From the ice cream quality to the house-made sauces, it is an excellent ending to an incredibly lovely dinner.

Cafe Flores

San Salvador 171, Colonia 5 de Diciembre
322 194 7142 for Reservations 
3 to 10 pm Closed Sunday and Monday

Chef Miriam also offers cooking classes for your group!


  • Gina Hendrix

    I am a chef, restaurant owner, Certified Sommelier, and mixologist. I have worked in the wine and spirits import business, directed beverage programs for large restaurant groups and hotels, and owned four of my own.


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