Introducing Xalli Beach Club and Amixtli Restaurant

The name Xalli itself means ‘arena,’ and Amixtli means ‘sea breeze,’ in Nahuatl, the Aztec Mexican language. The Club and restaurant are part of the Sierra del Mar real estate development. 

The three-level restaurant and beach club have the most breathtaking views of the bay directly on the beach and two levels above. The design is a lovely mix of modern and rustic; it is my favorite blend! 

The beautiful wood railings and local basket lighting create the most inviting ambiance to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I chose the beach to get my toes in the sand. 

The service here is similar to my old-school Ritz Carlton days; once you make your reservation, your name is shared with the staff, and they use it throughout your time at the property but with ease, not robotic. 

Chef Eduardo Osuna has created such a surprising menu. He is a Mexican, who studied throughout Europe and Spain and is known for his contemporary cuisine. I was delighted with the flavors, portion size, and style.

It is a lovely blend of the tremendous bounty of fresh ingredients that I believe are like no other country in the world. Osuna’s menu has some international classics, and he infuses Mexico with each bite. A delightful balance of flavors and textures. 

The cocktail and wine program was impressive; I enjoyed a Pinot Gris from Germany that I just adored! 

The ceviche menu is simple, bountiful, and super versatile. You choose your protein or even hearts of palm and jicama, then your sauce selection. 

I tried the yellow-fin tuna with the Asian-style sauce and also the snapper with agua-Xalli style that includes cucumber, tomatillo, chile serrano, onion, cilantro, lemon, and onion. Wow, so incredibly fresh. Each 265 pesos. 

The Avocado Salad (only available at night) was crazy delicious and so simple. Avocado, red onion, goat cheese coated with volcanic ash, capers, tomatoes, and a Kalamata olive vinaigrette highlighted with fresh dill and a touch of mustard and lime juice.

My favorite selection for the few visits was the Veracruz style snapper cooked en papillote, a French method where the salsa and protein are cooked in a folded pouch to retain flavors and keep everything full of juicy, unique tastes. Veracruz style is typically tomato, onion, and olives. This version burst with flavor, and the texture was honestly fabulous. 460 pesos.

The Ossobuco de Cordero, Lamb shank, was Chef Eduardo’s signature dish. Slow-cooked and rich in flavor with adobo sauce. Full-flavored with dense, roasted vegetables and rustic mashed potatoes. Here in Mexico, we use the “Uffffff,” which means in southern English “holy moly.” 530 pesos. 

As you read through this review, please understand the menu also has spring rolls, tacos, sandwiches, and more snacky, poolside choices.  

The beach club is an excellent option for a relaxing day. The daily cost is 1,800, with 1,000 pesos for food and beverage credit. 

The pool and hot tub are salt water, and there is a safe cove-like beach area where you can get in the ocean with rock ‘piers’ on each side that provide extra seating.

Xalli Beach Club
Amixtli Restaurant
Carretera a Barra de Navidad Km. 9.75, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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