From Sadness to Utter Joy

Recap: Good Morning, From Here, May 10 to 16

It’s hard to write this morning. I spent Mother’s Day saying goodbye to my last kitty. Miri was 19 and failing and was ready – we were both ready, for her to join her two sisters, Diani, who lived less than a year, and Dulce, who was my darling for 17 years, and my irreplaceable boy Rayne, who adopted me – us – twelve years ago.

Miri and I have had an unusual alliance for the past two years—she said jump, and I asked how high. It was an unthinkable relationship—Miri was the antithesis of the other two cats and bided her time until she became the only cat left standing in the house.

We were all we had left. I did everything to make her feel loved even though she didn’t want the usual cat things. She hated being picked up and would turn into a block of ice – hilariously stiff-legged and eyes fixed somewhere in the middle distance, anywhere away from mine. I kept trying; she kept denying.

Until Mother’s Day. 

Doctora Claudia came to the house, and I went to find Miri. I picked her up, and she settled into the crook in my arm. Together, we sat across from Claudia. Miri growled at her a couple of times, remembering the things that happen when the Vet comes over. Claudia so gently slipped in a sedative that Miri didn’t even flinch. But she purred and snuggled deeper into my arms finally. 

And now I am all that’s left.

My deepest thanks to Doctora Claudia, who has been an amazing vet to my three over the years, and to Heather Wilson, who, almost two decades ago, heard some muffled cries coming from a garbage bag on the street and saved three newborn calicos that eventually enriched my life immeasurably.

My melancholia was replaced by joy and hope as I sat with David Sabella at a pop-up interview over at the Cigar Factory on Saturday evening. David is back from performing in NYC and London, ready to tackle his new job(s) at Act2PV. The changes he envisions so clearly for the entertainment complex lifted my spirits no end; much more on that conversation in a day or so.

Sade fans were elated with Pearl, a tribute to the Nigerian-born singer, at The Palm Cabaret Sunday evening. Again, the Palm pulls out all the stops at the end of the season, teasing us as to what might be in the fall line-up. Georgina—Gina—Ibarra epitomized the smooth, silky voice, gestures, and sultry, unhurried calmness that Sade delicately projects. 

Kevin and I first heard Gina perform an Eagle/Fleetwood Mac tribute show at The Palm. When I read Debbie White’s article about this upcoming show a week ago and saw it was Gina, we jumped at the chance to see and hear this great singer once again.

Alison Lo was splendid as a backup vocalist, and the band featured guitarist Gilberto Luna, who is married to Vallarta Mirror columnist Leza Warkentin. She and their daughter were in the audience, as were Chiara and Tom Montante, glamour couple Art and Angela Curley, and Patti Gallardo and Wendy Johnson. Quick hellos were exchanged with Matt Karimi and Gary Beck, whose reviews of Sade will hit the pages of Vallarta Mirror and Vallarta Calendar soon From Here.

Last night, a delightful evening was afforded all up the hill at Art Vallarta Theater. Singer Kevin Anthony showed off his comedic talents and put his voice to work as narrator with one solo and a duet with lovely Patriz. This “Unauthorized Christina Aguilera Story” was written and produced by Selena Luna who happens to be Patriz’s mom. Only a couple of seats remained unsold in the intimate theatre that has surprisingly great acoustics. The ambiance in Art Vallarta Theater is welcoming, comfortable, and cool enough to ward off this summer’s coming heat.

Pianist Ruli Mayorga, who has caused a stir over at the Palm accompanying Gloria Fiona in her tribute to Adele, played beautifully. Soundset Records, occupying a tech booth just offstage that required less than a square meter, squeezed out perfectly even vocals throughout the hour.

The printed program was a lovely touch and much appreciated. I hope this show recurs during the summer and perhaps into next season and will be a little bit longer, From Here.

It’s 7 am, and the day already looks spectacular. May and November are the best months in Vallarta – cool nights and mornings, hot days, and not a lot of humidity. Enjoy while you can!

A million thanks to all of you who have extended condolences about the passing of my last kitty – Miri. I am still getting hugs, still needing them so thanks in advance for more!

I am announcing my adoption of Humphrey Bogart, or “Bogie” as he is affectionately called, at his longtime home at the San Franciscan Hotel, which is attached to Art Vallarta at the top of Olas Altas on Pilitas.

My darling Vet, Doctora Claudia, mentioned him to me, knowing I could not live without a cat presence in my life for long. Bogie and I met yesterday, and we are going to give it a try. I pick him up tomorrow.

I will have one rule for Mr. Humphrey Bogart: do not, under any circumstances, wake me up at ungodly hours like 3 am. Other than that, mi casa es tu casa, and I will love you unconditionally. See you tomorrow, Bogie, From Here.

Scrabble and Bingo yesterday – some wins, some losses at both. The only thing I can concentrate on is my new kitty, Bogie, who I will pick up in three and a half hours. But who’s counting!

I have one meeting this morning, then the rest of the day will be spent showing Humphrey Bogart around the house. I hope to have successfully closed any escape routes to the great outdoors that a confused, frightened cat may mistakenly think is the way to freedom. Bogie is chipped on the off-chance he will outsmart me!

Have a wonderful day, Vallarta; mine is just beginning From Here!

What a day I had with Humphrey Bogart! He was so justifiably upset when I picked him up at noon. His litter box, food, and toys went into the taxi’s trunk, and he, in his carrier, rode with me in the back seat. He stopped crying immediately; maybe the motion of the car calmed him.

He spent the day roaming the upstairs of my house—where I spend 95% of my time—smelling everything in his path. The main floor and basement will come later.

He jumped up on the bed several times in the night but didn’t stay. He also didn’t cry. I woke up around 6 with the first light; Bogie jumped on the bed and quietly showered me with hugs and affection. I returned the favor, smiling and grateful to be greeted so beautifully by this gorgeous creature. It’s going to be a spectacular day From Here.


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