Gloria Fiona – Soul, Blues, Soft Rock

This Special Show features Oscar Corral’s son, Angelo, winner of the 2024 Rise Talent Contest, as a special guest. Once again, the fine pair Duo Xochiquetzal: Isa Zuleta on piano and Jacob Ordoñez Rodriguez on guitar, embellish the sounds of the stage with their delightful accompaniment.

Finishing the illustrious fifteenth season at Nacho Daddy which was full of marvelous and terrific performances by many new and established musical artists, tonight the venue is filled with avid followers of Gloria Fiona who has displayed her wide range of talents all season long. She has developed a new show with soulful and bluesy masterpieces mixed with several songs that surprised listeners. Smooth was the word all night.

The optimistic composition beloved by millions was Gloria’s choice for the opening tune, “What a Wonderful World”. Louis Armstrong must be smiling from above. She instilled a positive vibe which continued through the entire evening.

“Just Give Me a Reason” with heartfelt lyrics: “It’s in the stars. It’s been written in the scars on our hearts. We’re not broken, just bent and we can learn to love again.” She reached down deep inside and soared into the audience with these strong feelings. Her voice is a master which can and will not be tame. Gloria exudes charm, richness, clarity and love to any and all present.

Amy Winehouse’ plaintive call to “Valerie” to “Come on over” was presented to the gathered, crying for her friend to come back since she is missed so much. She gave a marvelous, exciting performance. Gloria sings that she is going to paint the town with “All That Jazz”, from the musical Chicago. She danced and swayed and one could almost see a line of showgirls. She spoke that she would not be remiss so included the super great Aretha Franklin with “Respect.”

Gloria called up Angelo, the ten-year-old champion. He delivered the fabulous Oscar-winning song, “Shallow”, breaking into very high notes. His voice and demeanor will only improve with successful vocal training. The crowd seemed to marvel at this young guy exhibiting such talent awarded to very few in the world. Watch for his future shows.

Calling upon Etta James for one of her soulful classics, “I’d Rather Go Blind”, she cried the words and music as if she was kneeling down begging. Something sexy, she says. Then she aroused feelings in a jazzy bluesy mix of sexiness like a purring kitten with “Your Heart Is As Black As Night.”

“I Put a Spell On You” highlighted Nina Simone’s musical career. Her warning was taken by all who were under Gloria’s spell.

A deserved break occurred when the Duo took center stage. Isa remarked that they like taking songs and putting their own spin on them in their style. She softly started the tale of “Jolene” who wishes to take the singer’s lover away from her. “Please don’t take him even though you can.” Jacob strummed a delightful accompaniment. The pair shows the creation of their sound, which is heard all over the Bahía de Banderas area venues. She sang the beautiful “Some People” coupled with her tender piano playing.

“I’d Give It All For You” was Gloria’s finale and the crowd responded with pleasure but disappointment that this fine evening was approaching the end. Otra! Cheers were loud and she smiled then smoothed into “Tennessee Whiskey,” “Sweet as strawberry wine.” Gloria revealed that she loved this standard tune and seemed proud of her latest venture into musical fields, which she had not experienced fully. She promised some new shows starting this Fall, which she is developing with hopes that everyone will enjoy her new paths, ever changing, ever growing.


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