Red, White and Add Some Blue

Recap: Good Morning, From Here, June 29 – July 05

Happy Birthday, Canada! A 157 years old today. There are lots of parades going on in celebration and tons of poutine, perogies, and beer to be consumed – enjoy my beloved ‘Old Country.’

The second bingo in Act2 history took place last Saturday. From start to finish, all we did was laugh between and during games. Everybody was heckled at some point, and the Xocodiva chocolate prizes flew off the piano first. Sharon Gerber Scherer is doing her best to single-handedly build the elevator for Act2 all by herself. Come and see next weekend if she can continue her winning streak(s)! Sharon’s sourdough bread and Marsha Ross’s cookies would be fabulous bingo prizes, don’t you think? Just a (strong!) suggestion!

Jan Dorland and I quickly walked down to Nacho Daddy to catch the end of Gloria Fiona’s last show of the season. That venue will enjoy taking the summer off, leaving Act2 and La Catrina Cantina as Vallarta’s major entertainment meccas until the fall.

Gloria was in fine form with excellent pianist Isabel Muleta and guitarist Jacob Ordone. These two musicians will be part of Gloria’s Adele Tribute at the enormous Teatro Vallarta, with Jacob as Musical Director. The dance troupe Fusion 91, wove their interactive magic throughout the crowd, and their final dance was mesmerizing, with lengths of tiny lights intertwining the dancers – fascinating to watch.

Today is getting clearer and clearer as the morning progresses; I all of a sudden can’t wait to get out in the sunshine and walk down to the Malecon along its length to McDonald’s, hang a right, hit the gym for 20 minutes or so and walk home, buy some veggies on the way and see what else this glorious day will bring From Here.

By my crude measurements, we had about five inches of rain in the night, with some attendant thunder and lightning and, lucky me, an extended party in the neighborhood with non-stop banda. A nap is in my near future!

Strange (but good!) things happen in Vallarta all the time and those of us who have lived here for years not only acknowledge them but expect them. I am talking about meeting or sometimes just seeing someone across a room, making eye contact, and BAM! – lifetimes exchanged in that one glance.

It happens to me a lot, mostly with artists and musicians in particular. I have always felt that artists are a rare breed that needs to be gentled along in life; they should have nothing else to do but perform.

I am such a groupie, lost in love and joy once I hear that perfectly-hit note, great guitar riff, the triple-tap of a conductor’s baton. What GIFTS these artists bring us daily in Vallarta!

A new present to Vallarta, Marco Camacho hails from Kansas and currently has two shows a week at La Catrina Cantina. Not the greatest time slot, 6:30, but he’s new and has to begin somewhere. I first heard his voice at Act2 (and we did the eye thing) and knew I wanted to hear more.

We spent nearly three hours over mango smoothies and pizza yesterday, getting to know one another and me trying to explain some idiosyncratic things about Vallarta. Marco’s heart is here. That means he will go back to his teaching job in the States next month, but he will return again and again to sing for us. Keep your eyes on and here, of course, for updates on where this lovely man will be singing until the end of July.

What a life I have in this gray, soggy Paradise From Here.

I was so happy last night, walking home in the misty rain and seeing so much water under the new bridge. Running fast toward the ocean, the Rio Cuale, thick as chocolate milk and the same color, is loaded with nutrients for all the fishies in the sea.

I came from another splendid classical music concert at Act2PV, with two flautists, a pianist, and a soprano. The program started with the Baroque era and could have stayed there as far as I was concerned. Still, it was interesting to hear the differences and how uncomplicated modern music is in comparison.

It is always a delight to hear Kathy Overly sing. I asked her a couple of years ago after a concert at the Church if she was a mezzo-soprano. She looked at me sharply and retorted, “Well, I am NOW!” (David Sabella’s alter ego, Amanada Reckonwith, can relate.) Age has done lovely things to Kathy’s voice; it pours like wildflower honey, with no sharp edges, no great shattering power, but subtle and steady strength. Her voice is uncomplicated, warm, comfortable, and melodic.

The two flautists, Andrea Jupina and Olga Martinez, complimented each other beautifully. Both musicians play in the Vallarta Symphony Orchestra; their rendition of the sultry aria Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen was unusual – flutes instead of trumpets! – and wonderful!

Music Director, arranger, pianist for the evening and a sweet, kind friend, Jean-Guy Comeau, kept his musicians on and in time. Jay-Gee is irresistible to watch play piano or, with a flick of a switch, harpsichord! There’s the silver lining when complaining about electronic keyboards!

Many, many thanks to these fine musicians for spanning the ages of music on a rainy evening in July; it was delightfully delicious From Here.

Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends. I will be joining the barbeque festivities at Act2 this afternoon and then tonight, the fabulous Rhapsody in Red, White and Blue, starring David Maiocco as Liberace at 7.

Gloria Fiona had her second Burlesque-ish show last night at La Catrina Cantina. It was completely different from her first one last month, and honestly, I can’t wait for the third edition.

Gloria is breaking new ground here, or maybe that’s the wrong expression. She is removing barriers to the layers of sexuality that have always been there but hidden or swept under the bed for a kind of groovy allusion by shame-filled patriarchs.

The edges of human sexuality are blurry these days, with our children being raised with gender options that also include “none of the above.” The book Fifty Shades of Grey, which nobody admits to reading, was named the book of the DECADE with sales in the double-digit-millions of copies. So, like the audience at La CC last night, we all wanted more. Just a little more, and that, of course, will lead to a little more until we understand that bondage, S & M, and more if done with love, are perfectly acceptable and maybe even fun.

Last night’s show was all about anticipation, titillation, and yes, wanting more. Just remember your safe word From Here.

I hope everyone’s Fourth of July was as fun as mine. Act2PV was festooned with balloons, barbeque and great music. But before I get into yesterday’s festivities, I have to report that Sharon Gerber Scherer is not just the Air Fryer Queen, the Queen of sourdough bread making in the city, she is also Quine of Scrabble by two points (and I had the raisin bread heel to prove it!). She’s a formidable opponent, and I love her to pieces, as she would say to me: Mazeltov!

David Maiocco channels Liberace down to the smallest detail – the hair, the flamboyant, fabulous costumes, the voice, the extraordinary, virtuoso piano playing, and the most important element – Joy. It is written on David’s face; he has told me in the past that his face hurts after a performance from smiling so hard!

Act2 is winning the race to build an elevator for the upcoming season. David Duvall, who performed in Mary Ann’s Ovations Bar prior to Red, White and Rhapsody in Blue, donated all his tips to the fund. Georgia Darehshori, who sponsors the Casa Karma Red Room, won the 50/50 raffle and gave all the money back to the cause.

Michael Holland and hubby Ray Careme came out of hiding to enjoy Maiocco’s show, as did Gabe Arciniega, Tom Bernes, John and Barbara McKinney, Jim Davis, David Gaines and his adorable Casanova, the Scherers, Empressa Al-Yasha and Rey Spearo, Jan Dorland and Rob Burton who is happily back from vacation at last. That’s to name a few.

Cudos to David Sabella, Cate Valcic, and their crew. It is wonderful to see everyone working with smiles on their faces. To David Maiocco – Maestro, thank you for you, you are so loved From Here.


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