Gloria Fiona’s Night of Burlesque 

Reprinted with permission of the author
The gathered crowd was piped up for some burlesque. This creation features Gloria as the lead singer. She performs with Dúo Xochiquetzal, self-described Eclectic duo with a Latin soul.” The pair is Isabel Zuleta on piano, voice and composition and Jacob Ordoñez Rodriguez on electric guitar. Tonight represents Gloria’s first production, a brand new show. 

Gloria entered the room dressed in a large flowing feather boa and all-black outfit. She called out to the audience with “Welcome to Burlesque”. She roused the gatherers with warmth and excitement. Slowly, layers of clothing were dropped until she was a showgirl dancing and singing without abandon, with no restrictions or limitations. She traversed around the tables, stopping to sing directly to attendees, some of whom she knew since this special one-night show was a fond necessity of her friends, followers and admirers.

Burlesque was a variety show in the early 1800s that featured striptease and wild comedy. Its name was derived from Italian ‘burla’, jokes, ridicule or mockery. The classic 1972 movie Cabaret starring Liza Minnelli included burlesque-style scenes. Gloria broke into the stellar title song “Cabaret” and roused the crowd as she strolled the aisles, dancing quite seductively. On stage, she enjoyed her white tented covered chair which she even used as a changing room while she sang and dropped clothes.

Gloria showered everyone with a mystic bluesy version of “Something’s Got a Hold On Me” (Oh, it must be love): “I shake all over, but I feel alright. I’ve never felt like this before.” The driving force of this tune reverberated throughout the venue.

Shoulders swayed and raised hands fluttered in the air. She found herself in “Trouble” without an attorney. Burlesque even invaded singer Pink in this decade. Gloria roared and warned all people to be aware. Her vocals are astounding tonight. People came because they knew she would deliver those upper-high notes with clarity and perfection. She is an accomplished professional who raises the bar of live entertainment in our community. 

She embarked on a teasing “I’m a Good Girl” from the movie Burlesque. She confused the listeners with exactly what is a good girl. She was having fun, and she sent out happy vibes, including the audience in her moves, music and showmanship. Then, the accompanying duo took the stage, stirringly singing “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” (Quizás, Quizás, Quizás) with some in the audience chanting along. Edith Piaf emerged from France with Isabel singing beautifully “La Vie En Rose” while Jacob strummed his guitar, turning the tune up-tempo. Duo Xochiquetzal presents shows throughout the area and these selections will lead to increased awareness of their talents.

Gloria expressed, “Thank you so much for being here with me.” People responded with the same feelings of seeing, hearing and being with her on this special night. Her shows in the upcoming season promise to be stellar, with attendance necessary. 


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