Guilt is an Ego Strategist

Guilt can destroy you and destabilize you only if you give it power. You are this being of power. Your power, directed by love, has no limits. You even have the power to deny the existence of love. Obviously, this negation lasts only as long as the illusion. You alone have the power to dismantle this illusion of guilt. You alone, accompanied by the divine spirit of which you are a part.

Now, your power of creation becomes clearer. The subtleties of the invisible are revealed within you.

You are in charge of your own way of thinking. You are in charge of the creation of your universe. Of your universes. You are in charge, not of a burden but of a lightness, of rising above the nuisances of the three-dimensional world.

The aesthetics of love are warm colors, harmony, joy, and sincere fulfillment.

In this feeling of peace, TRUTH emerges. Yes. Intimate truth IS UNIVERSAL.

Nothing exists except the love that created you as a spirit before you chose separation.

This game of separation is a search. The search for the treasure within you. Don’t confuse this with the outward search driven by the ego, which wants you to look for love on the outside without finding it within yourself.

Your respect for the invisible opens the door to consciousness.

Your desire to understand and love yourself opens you up.

Open to the invisible, you lose yourself in a profound truth, to truly find yourself. The ego dissolved, all that remains is this original presence from the beginning of the illusion of time.

This present moment is your deepest structure. This presence is bathed in unconditional love.

The light within you cannot be extinguished because love is infinite, like you.

Indestructible, immortal, and driven by the enigma of a life beyond earthly life.

I must admit, your choice to come here is a challenge. But this challenge opens doors you never imagined. You wanted this challenge. It’s a journey and a return to your source.

To take this talk on guilt to another understanding, I decided to include this channeled message from the ones we know as the Arcturians. I have been channeling since the late 1970s and now it is more of a telepathic awareness that is always there, and I have come to know that the messages depend on the frequency of the channeler. If any so-called ‘channeled messages’ that you receive or are given, are not about love, compassion, and joy, and if it does not resonate with you, do not bother reading it. 

Lately I have been getting inquiries about what is our mission, our purpose to even be here, creating this movie we find ourselves participating in at this time of change.

I have been doing soul blueprints or tuning in to people’s personal soul mission for decades, and this sharing from these Master Teachers we call the Arcturians, will put some light on it from their perspective. This is channeled by my friend and colleague Daniel Scranton, and it is for public use.

Our Mission, Your Purpose & Source’s Desire
“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are on a mission, and it is our mission to transform consciousness into its more natural state. We know that there are tremendous opportunities to do just that throughout the galaxy and the universe, and yet we also are very relaxed about the whole thing. You see, we know that everyone is where they are spiritually, because that particular experience they are having is a necessary component of Source’s experience of Itself. And so, if a consciousness is not ready to transform back into its natural state of oneness, love, and peace, we simply allow that being to continue.

We recommend you take the same approach to your fellow humans. As much as you want everyone else to awaken and to be right where you are on your journey, please recognize that being where they are still serves a purpose for the Creator, for All That Is, for the Prime Mover of everything, and let it go. You can allow everyone to be right where they are and still live your life in joy. You don’t have to be sad because someone else is not at the level of joy, because even sadness serves Source, and all of this is in service to Source. That is why when you accept something and go with the flow, you are living your purpose; you are allowing for the service to Source to continue.

When you resist and insist that something or someone be different, you are attempting to do the impossible. You are attempting to rob Source of an experience that Source wants.

Now, the question becomes, ‘Do you have to have that experience too?’ And the answer is simple. No, you do not. You do not have to have the experience because someone else is having it. Therefore, everyone plays their role perfectly, and Source is fuller for having had all of the experiences that Source has through all of us. Don’t worry about the state of the world or anyone in it. You can do that from a place of love and compassion, but you are not meant to fix a broken world, and not everyone would receive the healing that you offered, even if you were able to walk up to every other human and offer a healing.
So you might as well do what you feel called to do and know that the call is coming from Source. You are meant to be unique. Your interests are no accident, and you can trust that every soul is transforming. We know this as well, but we still like to do it. We still like to offer what we offer and see if it is that person’s day to transform back into who they really are as a Source Energy Being.

Letting go of the egoic pursuits is something that not everyone even wants, but those of you who do want to let go of your egoic pursuits can, and doing so is the challenge that you face as someone who has already recognized who you really are as a Source Energy Being.

Your lives have been about applying that knowing to the physical and merging the experiences of that which is God and that which is human, that which is nonphysical and that which is physical. And you will create the best of both worlds because you will continue to align with a version of reality where others are doing the same. That is unless you continue to insist that others be further along than they truly are or want to be. Relax into the unity consciousness that is always present and is always inevitable for all of us to experience in this beautiful universe of ours.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

I hope you take from this to let go of the ‘guilt’, remove ‘should’ from your vocabulary, and find what you truly and honestly desire. When you discover what it is—remembering this is also subject to change—then go and honestly and truly live it.
That, my dear friend, is what is truly and honestly spiritual. It is that simple.


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