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I asked one of my grandsons when he was still in that wonderful age of “innocence’, “Francesco, what would you do to save the world?”

Without hesitation, he answered, “Grandma, I would make everyone nice to each other.” I soon discovered that to be nice was far more complex than I thought.

I researched the original meaning of ‘nice’ and found that it came from the Latin, nescire, ne (not) + scire (know) = to not know; to be ignorant. I began to explore how “being nice” would impact the concept of “saving the world.”

Most of us are not too keen on performing extraordinary acts of heroism or spending our hard-earned money to “‘save the world,” nor do we have the time or energy necessary to put ourselves out there. Still, it has been ingrained in us since childhood that we are to “be nice.”

With the help of the quiet, loving “Voice” that has always resided deep within me, I am encouraged to write and share so here I am.

I will attempt to have you ‘see’ the world we currently find ourselves living in with new eyes. At this moment, the devastation in the Middle East impacts the whole world and the biggest challenge we face today is the challenge of Oneness – for those who lean more toward science, Quantum Entanglement.

What I desire to do, in the writing and sharing of this little column, is to take current events and current interests, and the concept that we are living in a world, where we believe that water is wet and rocks are hard, and one has to pay their rent, and use the latest scientific understanding of Quantum Physics and Quantum Entanglement, in Metaphysical language… (only semantics separate science and spirituality.) You may be aware perhaps, that we are all complicit in this convoluted chaos we find ourselves experiencing at this most amazing time and perhaps I can offer a few easy tools we can apply to change the world we believe we live in.

In all honesty, there is only one answer on how we can create the “New Earth’ we have been collectively dreaming of. One does not have to do anything, nothing, ‘no thing’ … except to remember how you think and feel is what you project, what you project is what you create, and what you create is the life you find yourself living. This is pure quantum physics (more to come on that later.)

(channelled) In your world right now, there is a lot of craziness. There’s been a recent upsurge in people vocalizing what has been under the surface for many, many years. It’s a combination of frustration, jealousy, hurt, and unfairness, and it’s showing up as hatred and justified rage at a perceived enemy. It may feel that history is repeating itself.

And, you may wonder why this is happening and what you can do about it. One thing for sure is that that which you resist… persists.

People hope to fight evil but in order to keep someone in the gutter, you have to get down in the gutter with them. And, this is not really very satisfying.

The answer is actually quite simple. And that is every place where you see upset and turmoil and hatred and anger and attack and counterattack– this is the biggest call in your life so far for love.

Everything needs love. And, it needs your love. Send love to the combatants. Send love to the victims. Send love to the perpetrators. Send love everywhere. Bring the light that you are, the love that you are and the compassion that you are to their highest self. Appeal to that highest self in them and in you.

Love is the only thing that’s real and love is the answer to all of these problems. Let yourself feel what you feel. Don’t deny however you feel. If you feel outraged, if you feel afraid– let yourself feel these things. If you feel vindictive, let yourself feel that, too.

But, in the end, when those feelings have been expressed, let the love that you are, carry the day. You have the ability right now to send a tremendous amount of love to all who suffer, all who are in darkness, and all who are in survival.

Draw from that well of your being. Express love to everyone– not just the people who agree with you or who see things the way you do.

It may sound simplistic, but it’s really that simple. You “be” the stand for the only thing that’s real in life. That’s love with all of its components – compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Embrace the highest Self in everyone you see. Appeal to that Self. Draw that Self out in yourself and extend the love that you are everywhere.

And, not just to people. Give love back to what is supporting you. Love the Earth and ‘all’ who reside here in whatever form they choose. Love the angels who are present in legions assisting, guiding, and loving, whoever is ready to hear. Love yourself. And, your word becomes law in the universe.

Then, and only then, is the world at peace – once ‘you’ discover the peace and joy that has always resided deep within you, the world changes because it is your world.


  • Sandra Bradley

    Former Radio & TV host ‘Beyond Reason.’ Published writer & artist. Psychotherapist specializing in Regression Therapy, Soul Blueprint, Spiritual Mentoring, Healing, and whatever is needed 'in' the moment. Vipassana practitioner, student/teacher of A Course in Miracles since the 1980s. Sandra shares the reality of Quantum Physics & Quantum Entanglement in Metaphysical terms with those who wish to 'remember.'

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