Importing Household Goods into Mexico, Part 2

Importing household goods into Mexico is a structured process that involves several steps. First, prepare a detailed inventory list of the items you intend to import. This list must be typewritten. Include item descriptions, brands, models, serial numbers, quantities, values, and the condition of each item. Properly pack and label your items to make it easier and faster for Custom authorities to inspect your items, verify the accuracy of your inventory list and ensure compliance with Mexican regulations.

Complete and submit the necessary customs forms and documentation, including your temporary or permanent resident visa issued by a Consular Office or the National Migration Institute (INM), and a valid passport. You will also need to supply a typewritten letter, in Spanish, addressed to The Consulate General of Mexico, requesting a certification list of household items being imported. This letter should also indicate your last address in your home country, the amount of time spent there and the address of your new residence in Mexico.

You will need to submit four copies of each document, and in the case of the typewritten letter, each letter must have your original signature. There is also a fee for an entry authorization which must be paid in cash. The rates are subject to change so check the Government of Mexico website for current pricing.

Once your documentation is approved, you’ll receive an entry authorization called a Menaje de Casa that allows your household goods to enter Mexico. This household certificate allows you to bring into Mexico your household goods no later than six months after your first entry after receiving it. While you may be able to import some items duty-free, you may still be required to pay value-added tax (VAT) or specific fees, depending on the total value of your imports.

You may import your household goods only once and there are additional requirements to be met. According to the Government of Mexico website, some of these include that the household goods must correspond to the number of family members, that no new electric/electronic appliances or items may be included, linens also must be used not new and that a motor vehicle is not considered a household item.

What most people with a temporary resident visa do not realize is that the import of household goods is only temporary for the period that your immigration card remains valid. You must maintain your immigration status in Mexico and bring back your household goods when returning to your original country.

If you’re shipping your items separately and by land, work with a reputable international moving company that is familiar with the import regulations for Mexico. If you’re using a cargo ship to import your goods, your items will enter through a Mexican port, and customs clearance will occur there.

Failing to follow the proper procedures and regulations when importing household goods into Mexico can lead to various consequences. Unfortunately, many people submit incorrect or incomplete documentation. As a result, they experience significant delays in clearing their goods through customs. In addition to this issue, customs authorities may impose fines if they discover discrepancies or violations of regulations. Non-compliant items may be confiscated, and you may lose them permanently. Severe violations can lead to legal issues, including deportation, fines, or imprisonment.

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