Put on Your Smile Broad as a Mile

In days of old when knights were bold
And the marketplace was invented
They sold breads and cheeses and flowers and fruits
And vegetables fermented.

In days of new the knights when shoo
But the marketplace still represents.
We have breads and cheeses and all that jazz
But we accept pesos not pence.

Our island is so beautified.
Near the Cultural Center is where we’ll be.
Take a walk; you’ll be stupefied!
Come quench your curiosity.

Put on your smile broad as a mile
And join us this Saturday.
Vendors galore, not far from the shore,
We’re a friendly, little market near the bay.

Bring your son, bring your daughter,
There’s plenty there to charm her.
Enjoy the breeze. Walk with ease.
Leave at home your suit of armor.

Gather your goodies like jewelry and cookies.
Load ’em up in your chariot, Uber or taxi.
Take them home. You will not moan.
You’ll be happy to the maxi.

So in closing I say, my friend,
(I know you thought this would never end):
What’s new is old. What’s old is new.
What goes around comes around. You know that it’s true!

Three Hens and a Rooster – a market is located at: Aquiles Serdan #473, Isla Rio Cuale between Le Bistro and the Cultural Center. Open Saturdays from 9 to 1.

From all of us at Three Hens and a Rooster – a Market we wish you a pleasant week.

And Mama says: “Stay strong and stay positive!”



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