Make Every Day a Spa Day!

The word “migraine” is composed of two halves – Latin “hemi” – half and “crania” – skull. Most migraines show up as pain from mild to severe affecting half the head.

Migraines are a very old, even prehistoric affliction: even before the ancient Greeks recognized and described migraine symptoms very accurately, it is believed that prehistoric man had to deal with migraines, as possibly evidenced by skulls found with a hole drilled in them, to “let out the pain”. That’s actually not too far-fetched an idea: I was sometimes so crazed from migraine pain that holding a sharp and heavy knife tip to my pounding temple brought about the illusion of pain relief. 

The world’s population is over 8 billion people. Various public health authorities estimate that about 10% to 15% suffer from migraine headaches – that’s anywhere from 80 million to 1.2 billion sufferers. Add to that number at least one loved one per sufferer that watches, helpless, while their family member is in pain, and you’ve just doubled that to 20% to 30% of the world’s population. That’s far too many for a condition where so much can be done to relieve pain. Migraines respect no border, socio-economic level, culture, language or age group.

Two thirds of sufferers are women. 

This is a good news column: I speak from decades of personal experience. Even better: SUCCESSFUL personal experience. Been there, done that, and have been 100% pain free for over 35 years. 

I had no reason to be optimistic: I am a known fourth generation sufferer – before me, my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother suffered from these dreadful headaches until they were in their mid-50s and mid-60s. Who knows just how far back on the family tree the members of my family suffered. Yet I have proven that your genetic inheritance does not have to be your destiny!

I beat migraine headaches. Completely. I haven’t had a migraine attack in over 35 years. No a single one. I got rid of them in my mid-30s, well before my menopause.

I’m so pain-free that five years into my pain relief, I had forgotten I had been a decades-long migraine sufferer! 

When doctors say “there is no cure for migraines” – they are correct. In my case, I’ll quote Shakespeare: “… by any other name…”. Being pain-free for decades – I can that a big success! Can I develop migraines again? Oh, yes – if I take up the unhealthy health practices that were contributing to my frequent migraines, I will feel a familiar unwell familiar buzz on the side of a temple.

I didn’t develop migraines overnight, so getting rid of them took longer than overnight. It took me a decade of private research, more trial and error, to get rid of migraines. At the same time as I was trying everything that came across my path, read any text that promised help, followed every bit of advice that I was offered, there was a certain medical doctor in another country, himself a migraine sufferer, who drew from his medical training, tried most of the therapies that I did 5,000 kilometers away, and he rid himself of migraines within a year. 

If I was able to get rid of dozens of excruciating migraines per year, YOU TOO can find significant pain relief. YES – you CAN. There are periods of time when you are pain-free. You just need to learn what to do to expand on those moments until finding significant pain relief becomes your overwhelmingly normal condition.

You are NOT alone in your suffering – there are so many steps you can take, guided by countless medical practitioners and therapists.  

Let’s get you started today on your journey to significant pain relief: A surprising statistic is that 50% of migraine sufferers never consult a doctor about these headaches! If you suffer from headaches, especially severe headaches, please take them very seriously. Then can mask life-threatening health issues. Two examples I was a witness to: 

  • One of my former superiors suffering from a severe headache went to a hospital emergency room, where he was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix! 
  • An elderly friend of mine suffered from severe headaches with dizziness (both can be migraine symptoms!). When he finally visited a doctor, he discovered he had an enlarged cancerous prostate! 

What member of the untrained general public that has never been to medical school could guess that one end of the body is connected to the other end in such a way!

I cannot urge you enough to consult a licensed medical practitioner. Consult a second medical doctor if you choose. Get an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your headaches, mild or severe. 

If you wanted to build a fortune, you might do well to follow them example of a wealthy person – especially if they’ve written a “how to” book!

Are you curious to know what I did to get rid of dozens of debilitating migraines per year, some of which had me rolling around on the carpeted floor of my bedroom, holding my head, crying aloud with what felt like eternal pain? What steps did I take? What medical professionals did I consult? What therapies did I follow? What was my mindset? What worked? What worked better, more quickly? Why has my health experience been so much better than my closest relatives? Why have I even been spared the worst of degenerative diseases that the rest of my family suffered from – bonus!

Follow this column… week by week… step by step… most of it quite pleasant – you’ll be more likely to repeat the experience and the levels of pain relief. 

When my editor asked me what I had done to get rid of migraine headaches, I answered that a better question would be what DIDN’T I do to get rid of them! When I described my method, he quipped: “I get it – you’re saying: Make Every Day A Spa Day!”.


  • Carla Piringer

    Related to noted medical professionals, afflicted with an inherited excruciating migraine condition, the author followed traditional medical and alternative therapies, now living migraine-free for over 35 years. She now shares her doctor-recommended method in her book to inspire sufferers to find significant pain relief.

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