MazMix Digestive Formula Sustains Gut Health

Let’s break down the key components of MaxMix:

Moringa: Known for its antioxidant properties and potential digestive benefits.
-Organic chia: Rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.
-Vitamins, including vitamin C: Essential for overall health.
-Blue agave inulin: A prebiotic that nourishes beneficial gut bacteria.
-Essential amino acids: Building blocks for protein synthesis.
-Digestive enzymes: Aid in breaking down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
-Prebiotics and probiotics: Support gut flora balance.

Fermentation Process:
-Soaking Maz-Mix releases enzyme inhibitors.
-When the Digestive formula ingredients soak for over 12 hours, it ferments, creating prebiotics and probiotics.
-These soluble fibers from inulin feed and rebuild stomach flora, eliminate harmful bacteria, re-populate gut flora with good bacteria, and increase Butyrate; your healthy gut bacteria produce Butyrate from dietary soluble fermented fiber.
-Butyrate plays an important role in the digestive system and removes toxins.
-Benefits health by providing the principal energy source for colon cells, supporting our immune system, reducing inflammation, and preventing diseases like colon cancer.

-Strengthened Intestinal Walls: Helps food and waste move efficiently through the GI tract.
-Toxin Prevention: Quicker movement prevents toxin buildup.
-Reduced Inflammation: Inflammation, a root cause of health issues, diminishes.
-Improved Digestion: Kick-starts digestive processes.
-Brain Fog Relief: Digestion-related allergies clear, positively impacting brain function.

Remember, maintaining a healthy gut contributes to overall well-being! 

Herbolaria Mexicana refers to using medicinal herbs based on traditional knowledge and practices in Mexico. Let’s explore its significance and characteristics:

1. Historical Origins:
-Pre-Hispanic Roots: Herbolaria Mexicana has ancient origins, dating back to pre-Hispanic times. During this period, indigenous cultures viewed diseases as outcomes of divine actions. They sought cures in nature, leading to significant advancements in understanding the medicinal properties of plants.
-Religious Influence: Indigenous peoples believed that gods influenced health and illness. They explored natural remedies to address ailments.

2. Definition and Purpose:
-Application of Botany to Medicine: Herbolaria involves using medicinal herbs to heal diseases and improve health. It harnesses the properties of various plants to treat ailments.
-Active Compounds: Different plant parts yield active compounds that address diverse health conditions.
-Current Recognition: The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes herbolaria as an effective tool. Approximately 80% of the global population uses herbal remedies as alternatives or supplements to conventional treatments.

-Accessible Information: Scientific documentation related to herbolaria is now more accessible, contributing to its widespread use.

3. Cultural Heritage:
-Generational Transmission: Herbolaria is a cultural heritage passed down through generations. Families, both in rural and urban areas, continue to practice it.
-Rich Plant Diversity: Mexico boasts around 4,500 officially registered medicinal plant species, making it the second-highest globally in terms of registered medicinal plants.
-Commercialization and Demand: The use and commercialization of herbal products have surged worldwide. Some medicinal plants even serve as sources for commercial pharmaceuticals.

4. Health Benefits:
– Strengthened Intestinal Walls: Herbolaria aids digestion and supports intestinal health.
-Reduced Inflammation: By addressing inflammation, it positively impacts overall well-being.

-Brain Function: Some neuropeptides crucial for brain cell communication are produced in the digestive tract.
-Traditional Wisdom: Herbolaria embodies the wisdom of generations, bridging the gap between ancient practices and modern health needs.

In summary, Herbolaria Mexicana is a historical practice and a living tradition that continues to shape health and wellness. I have additional scientific published information available about this product. 

Here’s a bit of history about MazMix, which my Grandmother developed. She and my great-grandmother were traditional Mexica healers who passed their medicinal plant knowledge from generation to generation. 

The MazMix product was developed in the 1940s. At that time, the US was suffering from the Dust Bowl and the Depression. What is not known is that Mexico was also affected by the same weather phenomenon, and famine and death were common. Many undernourished children existed, and my Grandmother developed the MazMix digestive formula to help them.

Years later, with my knowledge of Ayurveda and Herbolaria Mexicana, this product was improved to what it is today; MazMix has helped thousands of people have better digestion. It also solves many gastric problems, such as Gastritis and colitis, and makes you regular. It eliminates bad bacteria and replaces them with good ones, rebuilding the stomach’s flora.

If you have any comments or questions about this column, contact me by email or find me at the Cuale Island Friday and Saturday Weekend Market from 10 am to 3 pm and at my storefront Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11 am to 5 pm. You can get herbal supplements, tinctures, tonics, and many natural products like organic coffees, apple cider vinegar with the Mother, and 38 different spices, including turmeric and Ceylon cinnamon. Superfoods include Spike Protein Detox from Golden Tea, Indulge Chocolate with 70 % cocoa, Veggie Power, and MazMix digestive formula. 

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