Natural Ways to Help Declining Vision

Vision decline affects everyone, but it does not mean it is normal or healthy.

Here is how the eyes should work:

  • Light comes in through our lens
  • Projects the image onto the inside back of our eyes (the retina)
  • Images travel along the optic nerve to our brain
  • The lens flexes and adjusts to focus on the image – it stays loose to focus on objects far away and flexes tight to focus on close objects.

If near-distance vision worsens as we age, here is what happens: Our lens loses its ability to flex and focus on close objects. The natural protective molecules become wrinkled, tight, and brittle.

The problem can be Reactive Oxygen Species toxins (ROS toxins) that form under normal physiological conditions and are both beneficial and harmful. ROS play a role in the pathogenesis of glaucoma, and promotes apoptosis of vascular and neuronal cells and stimulates inflammation and pathological angiogenesis during diabetic retinopathy.

ROS are also associated with age-related macular degeneration.

ROS toxins are everywhere in today’s environment.

Chemicals in the water, plastic containers, processed foods, and there is no way to avoid them.

When we answer our smartphones, use a computer, or turn on the TV, the screens attack our eyes with Blue Radiation. Eco-friendly LED lightbulbs are another dangerous source of blue UV light. Blue radiation is a significant threat to the eyesight of anyone over 30; it overloads your fragile lens with vision-destroying toxins. Our lens cells get stiff and clouded, and we lose connection with the world.

Our eyesight vision treatments today do not do a single thing to protect our eyes from ROS toxins. As our sight worsens, most doctors prescribe reading glasses.

Vision treatments:

  • Eyeglasses do not protect or cure our damaged lenses or retinas. All they do is bend the light before it goes into your eyes, and the constant upgrade of prescriptions makes our eyesight worse.
  • Laser surgery is expensive, risky, and a temporary solution.

Thousands of years ago – even hundreds of years ago – people did not go around becoming blind and crashing into one another. Our eye lens has a natural shield against ROS toxins.

Our ancestors found the solution in nature, and scientific studies have found that specific flowers can protect our vision. So, keep reading while you still can.

How to protect your eyes:

Carrots and other vegetables contain some carotenoid compounds. Eating carrots is not sufficient to maintain healthy eyesight.

Flowers and plants that help protect our eyesight naturally:

  • Cempasúchil is far more than just the preferred flower used in Day of the Dead ceremonies. The dwarf marigold, scientific name Tagetes erecta is native to Mexico. This orange autumn flower contains powerful carotenoid compounds that support our vision. The molecules that give this flower its vibrant colors are the same molecules that protect us against Blue Radiation.
  • Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) and its main constituents, crocin and crocetin, are natural carotenoid compounds that have been reported to induce pleiotropic anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and neuroprotective effects and can promote macula regeneration.

Pharmacological studies have shown that saffron or its active constituents may potentially exert neuroprotective, anti-convulsing, anti-depressive, anxiolytic, antioxidant, anti inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, and even anti-tumor effects.

Saffron and Cempasuchitl flowers can be used to help regain eyesight and can be taken in tincture form, sublingually or in your favorite tea.

Extracts from plants to make protective eye drops such as Siempre Viva, Chamomile, Cineraria Marinara medicinal plants to make eye drops are common in Mexico.

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