Pelago at Galeria Contempo

‘Pelago’ by Ricardo Mejorada
With hands impregnated with inks and the sea, with unmatched artistic skills, Ricardo Mejorada gives us ‘ocean fractals’ in an intimate and sensitive connection.

Through its energetic color palette, we perceive the intensity of the ocean and the apparent calm of the essential depths.

With a wide range of shades between deep blue, emerald green, turquoise, and grey tones, the artist takes us to explore underwater pits and their inscrutable relationship with the sky, the wind and salt, with night and dawn.

And as we cross the horizon, without limits, the artist’s strokes take us into an infinite call.
And in the pelago, all journeys to the abyssal world of life begin, where mysteries are whispered, and by crossing them in the artist’s work, we understand the underlying abundance.

The work of Ricardo Mejorada immerses us in oceanic life and the essence of the golden blue marine currents.

Its shapes and movements woven into its canvases force us to contemplate the wild and serene beauty that unfolds in our vision. Ricardo leads us to recognize our vital energy in the pelago, where the threads of life and nature are intertwined in their purest and uncontrollable state.

Galeria Contempo cordially invites you to see this talented artist’s work on Friday, the 23rd of February, at his Opening Reception from 6 pm to 9 pm. The two-story gallery is located on the south side at Basilio Badillo 252.
Phone: 322 223 19 25, www.GALERIACONTEMPO.COM



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