Surprisingly, Great Puerto Vallarta Fishing Continues

Every week now, I seem to be the biggest pessimist in the area. I keep thinking the fishing is going to turn and I’m sending people out ‘hoping’ they catch fish. Then my crews send me pictures, and I turn into an optimist.

So, I give up; the fishing is great until further notice! Why would I say this? The fishing in Puerto Vallarta is much better than I would expect!

Even with cool water temperatures, several of our warm water species still hang around, and the only reason is bait. Krill, Sardines, Goggle eyes, Flying fish, and the list seems endless.

So, we now know that bait trumps cold water. I’ve learned my lesson, and my inner optimist is excited for what news the next fishing day will bring.

This week, we saw Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, and Dorado, and if that doesn’t turn you into an optimist when winter species should be moving in, then you may have turned into ‘me’!

Ok, remember water temperatures are at 72/73 degrees in our world-famous fishing grounds of El Banco and Corbetena; you’ve still got some world-class action.

The biggest surprise for me this week is the continued great Yellowfin Tuna Football fishing. You, by now, know that the Spinner Dolphin will run with Yellowfin Tuna in the 30 to 60 lb range, and that’s holding true right now at El Banco.

Sailfish are here, and Striped Marlin is still running the area even if you don’t hear much about them. Blue Marlin are possible in a freak situation. But the big story is the Spinners and the Yellowfin Tuna footballs. With rolling seas, dropping water temperatures, and massive amounts of bait, this could continue for a while.

I suggest our ‘find the fish’ fishing tours of 15 hours. You start early and finish late, but you’ll boat Tuna with rubber arms from nonstop reeling! My inner pessimist tells me you better get out there as soon as possible because this won’t last forever.

Corbetena is on the slow side, mostly Bonito and Jack Crevalles. Things change daily, but the last few days were weak at the rock.

For now, you’re better off with the twelve-hour fishing trips where the Tuna and Dorado action is more reliable. If you’re dead set on heading to Corbetena, drop baits about 12 miles north of the rock or at the ‘midpoint’ area.

You’ll find action, so go straight there and avoid the slow area around the rock. Stay tuned!

The entire area from El Morro to the north of Punta Mita is alive with action but spread out. There are no real concentrations of any particular species at the moment, so roaming the area until you get ‘found’ by the fish is your best plan of attack.

Having said that, some days, the Dorado and Sailfish are closer in; others, they are farther out. Your best plan is to get to the point of Punta Mita, set a heading of 300, drop baits, and when you get about 8 miles off the point, anything is possible.

Those who venture to this obscure area must be ready to push some water and not be afraid of using fuel! Find the Spinners and get prepared to put in the work as you head for a day of arm-burning action and a lifetime of memories fishing in Puerto Vallarta.

Water is still that clean green, but there are large patches of blue water. It’s of no consequence since every species out there is taking the bait.

It may be difficult to turn a fish’s head; that’s why you pay for experienced captains; they can make your fishing fantasy come true.

Inside the bay, nothing has changed; the action is happening all over the bay. Jack Crevalles are the dominant species right now, and this will continue until the water temperatures increase again in late July. Jack Crevalles are all over the bay, but for some reason, they line the Nuevo Vallarta or rather, Nuevo Nayarit as it’s called now.

Sailfish have been known to hang around at the La Cruz Marina area. But the south end of the bay is still where you want to be with possible Dorado in the 20 lb range, Bonito at 20 lbs and plentiful.

As mentioned, plenty of Jack Crevalles range from 20 to over 50 lbs! Sierra Mackerels are about 10 lbs, but they’re plentiful, great tasting, and perfect for family fishing where the young ones may be intimidated by a Bonito or Jack Crevalle.

Soon, we’ll be talking about the Sea Bass and Groupers moving into the bay with its cooling water temperatures.

In the middle of February, my inner pessimist says this will end soon. Especially as water temperatures in the bay are at 72 degrees. This is a paradox since the deep water area at Mid-point is 74 degrees. This could explain the activity in this area, but maybe not. There are large areas of clean green water out there. But the pictures show blue water for the most part, so let that be your guide, find blue water and catch fish!

The bite is still happening before 09:00 in the morning, so plan accordingly. FYI: We’ve started our Wednesday fishing parties, where we put a group of singles on Magnifico for an eight-hour trip. The cost is USD 250 per person, with a maximum of five people on the boat.

A reminder: if you need a tour of any kind, Rodrigo, my nephew, will treat you well and give you the best price as a Master Baiter’s client. And that’s it for this week. Thanks for your continued support!

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!


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