Race With the Stars

I do like the way The Team presents themselves … When I was a young girl I would look up into the night sky and see the wonder of it all and  think of the  insignificance of my little form I had taken on to experience being fully human.

Then I got this idea that perhaps a cell in my big toe was doing the same thing – looking up and seeing the wonder of it all believing that my body was the Universe it lived in … and that is when I started to unravel the word infiniti – and I am still lost in the wonder of it all…S.B.

“We are here and we would like to share with you the powerful energies that have been bathing your planet and all consciousness upon it for months. There are many who are aware of this and they also are sensitive as well as connected to the other realms and serve as channels for this information.

Everything is a vibration, a frequency from the smallest atom within your body to the furthest stars in the galaxy. These vibrations, these frequencies are always affecting one another. Much like the knowledge of quantum physics and the incredible awareness of energy at the smallest particles, affecting and being effected by our thoughts, words and emotions.

The evolution upon your planet has been nurtured, stimulated and maintained by this cosmic consciousness. This is an ongoing reality. There has always been this exchange of vibration/frequencies however it is only within this last evolutionary cycle that humans began to really consider that they might be influenced and stimulated by the galaxy.

The galaxy, the sun, moon, stars, planets and beyond was always out there and remained much a mystery. The ancient astrologers and those who watched the heavens were the only ones who were sensitive to this awareness and this connection.

Now all those on this planet are experiencing a rather rapid increase in these vibrations which are being offered from the cosmos. These frequencies activate aspects and the codes within your DNA and your operating systems as a multidimensional being. This is a recalibration of all your systems.

This is becoming common knowledge in some conscious circles. However there are those who are still totally unaware of this energy matrix transference. So we will speak to those who are unaware of all that this is taking place.

Being in human form is only one aspect of who you are. As a physical being focused in and focused on this third dimension, it seems like that is all that is. However, each dimension is available to you at all times. They are resonating at a different frequency/vibration. Like the fifth dimension it is not a place it is a state of mind.

Let’s use your human body as an example of the many and multi dimensional levels.

You have your dense physical form, the shape, height and weight of your body. How it looks in the reflection of a mirror. This is only the outer appearance.

Within the human form are entire galaxies, entire systems, entire energy fields.

Each of these systems operate and function automatically below your conscious awareness, much like the multi-dimensions realities outside your body. You are affecting both the inner dimensions within your physical body and the outer dimensions of your reality.

Everything is a reflection – as within, so without – as above so below. This is a true statement by your Einstein.

The nucleus of the atom spins with the cell, it is quantum physics in action.

Your thoughts and emotions affect the spin, just as the thoughts and emotions of mass consciousness affect the spin of your planet and even the stars. The spin of the planet and the stars affect the spin of the atoms within your cells. This is one energetic vibrational field.

Let us give you another example: When you purchase a new computer, it comes with countless programs and abilities that you have yet to discover and use. This is much like your human biocomputer. There are innumerable programs and abilities that you and others have yet to discover and use as multidimensional beings.

When you sense a shift in awareness or a shift in reality, or discover a new ability, what has taken place within your system that is one of these aspects, abilities or programs have been activated or they have been triggered and turned on. Solar flares, portal days, moon cycles, the sacred geometry of the movements of the planets are all affecting your energy matrix triggering latent codes and abilities.

Much like you’re installing a new program into your computer. These cosmic frequencies offer new programs and within the human biocomputer, you are downloading immense information. This is allowing you to remember who you truly are. You are remembering yourself as a Star being, (there you are, my Max – my Start Seed) free of any limitation, free of the rigid belief systems of this planet.

We invite you to honor these influxes of energy with your open receptive allowing, this removes any resistance or fear. We invite you to become aware and sensitive to the physical body’s reaction to these increased energy flows and cosmic offerings. Everyone is unique and everyone will react to these powerful surges of energy in a different manner.

Some will run and hide, closing all the doors and windows, so to speak, others will celebrate and, with open arms run into the light and with others there will be a gentle constant unfolding much like a bud blossoming into its beauty and wholeness.

The physical body can react with various symptoms and strange sensations. It is best to relax into these shifts, replace fear with trust and breathe into the discomfort, drink much of your water and rest, allowing the body to adjust to the higher and higher frequencies and energy vibrations. (lately, I have been owning this one.)

You are often aware of receiving an energy download. It is easier for you to receive while you sleep. Remember and follow inner guidance and place yourself in a position to nap and before you sleep, state your intentions to allow the energies to merge within your systems. You will welcome the transmission, the download with ease without resistance.

You have been receiving this awesome energy for several months now, especially while sleeping or even in a meditative state. The physical symptoms you have been experiencing are only one aspect of this shift which is reflected in the body.

We encourage you and others to listen to the guidance within, to make time for stillness and be receptive to what is being offered. It is your birthright to awaken. It is the lifetime to honor your total magnificent multidimensional self.

Begin to notice when your awareness slips easily into another dimension or timeframe. State your intentions, allow and welcome these shifts and slips. “It is my intention, and I am grateful to easily experience the joy and wonder of another dimension.” so be it, and so it is (and this is why I often fall between the Cracks of time and space).

There is a calling that is taking place, more and more humans are hearing this inner call and opening up to the embrace of all-knowing. Notice any new levels of sensing and awareness, like a newborn colt, your legs might be wobbly; however, soon, you will race with the stars. Be at peace, beloved,” the ‘team’

(Thank you for reading my column, and thanks to Peggy Blackwell for sharing some of her work.)


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