Cleaning a Colonia Canal

On Saturday, June 8, an enthusiastic team from Timothy Real Estate Group did a major clean-up of a canal parallel to Calle Juan Escutia in Colonia Valentin Gomez Farras.

Within two hours, they collected over a half-ton of trash that would not end up in Banderas Bay.

John Benus, creator of the Campaign Against Trash in Vallarta, coordinated this successful clean-up.

Let’s all help create a cleaner and healthier Vallarta for all residents, visitors, and future generations.

Since March 2020, John Benus has dedicated six months each year to helping organize and participate in major Clean-Ups in Talpa, Mascota, Yelapa, Tomatlan, and Vallarta.

As a volunteer, he has helped organize trash clean-ups in our streets, canals, rivers, and vacant lots, but most importantly, he has created an awareness Educational Campaign in the schools of these towns.

He is committed to requesting that all new Government leaders and educators require kindergartens and primary schools to have mandatory Environmental Study Classes, one hour per week.

Please see some of the Past, Present & Future goals by clicking Presentation on the website heading for his Power Point Presentation for future Sponsors.



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